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Nov. 10, 2022

187. Whose Permission Do I Need to Enjoy a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle?

People often wait for someone's approval, encouragement, or permission to do fun or great things in life. You can start moving towards your 3-day weekend or similar lifestyle anytime you choose.

People often wait for someone's approval, encouragement, or permission to do fun or great things in life. You can start moving towards your 3-day weekend or similar lifestyle anytime you choose.



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One of the questions people ask me very often about creating a four day workweek, three day weekend lifestyle is, whose permission do I need? Wait, I have this boss. Do I need their permission? Wait, I've got my clients. I'm an entrepreneur.


Do I need their permission? And I'm going to suggest you this is like anything else in life. You do decide when you're ready to start moving towards this. At some point, you made less money per hour and you decided you were going to make more at some point. If you're an entrepreneur, you worked for someone else and you needed permission, and then you decided you were going to create your own situation, your own employment opportunity.


So what I suggest to you is this is less about the mechanics of how you get permission, and it's more about you moving in that direction. It might not happen right away, but first you've got to make that choice. If you don't make that choice, it's not going to happen. In my case, it took me 22 years to give myself permission to do it. You might say, Wait, why did you wait that long?


Well, for seven years, I was an employee, and I tried to get the company I worked with, awesome company, but this was 20 something years ago. They really weren't into doing three day weekends, four day work week type of situations. If we do it for you, Wade, we're going to do it for everybody else. And you'll hear that sometimes if you work for somebody. And then I created my own situation entrepreneurial, and I made a certain amount of money, and of course, it takes a while to make the income you need.


But then as you get clearer about what your expenses are and then just get clear that, look, even if I have to work 40 hours, in four days, I'm going to have my Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Now, everybody's got their own way of how they do this. Some people say, Wait, I'd rather have a different schedule. So it doesn't have to be Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It could be you take Mondays off.


It could be you take Wednesdays off. It could be a whole different calendar. The question is, are you going to live the lifestyle you want? And how do you make that happen? So I'm going to suggest to you a very simple thing.


You don't need anybody's permission but your own to start moving towards a three day weekend lifestyle, you will need to attain certain results to be able to earn the money so you can afford it. You will need to manage your finances so you can afford to do so. But in the long run, you don't need anybody's permission other than your own. In the short run, you'll need to work with certain people. In the short run, you'll need to communicate to your clients.


As I've done it, I've found that my clients simply want the results I deliver for them. If you work for an employer that's a little more enlightened, they're going to say, look, I just need results from you. And if we can talk about what those results are, and if you can get those, I'm open. So I encourage you to start thinking about this. What would it look like?


What would you do with that three day weekend lifestyle? How would you enjoy life? How would that be? So much more energetic, more fun, more allowing you to enjoy your family, your friends, your life, rather than waiting until you're in your late sixty s or your mid sixty s to start really having the freedom to enjoy life, to start enjoying it along the way. And no need to necessarily completely stop working at 65 as if all of a sudden you're just going to stop.


And that's okay. I've worked for 40 years or 50 years, and now I'm just completely done. Have more of a smooth transition and have the journey all along the way. Be more enjoyable. I hope you find this helpful.


If you have other questions on topics like this, please let me know. As always, I look forward to helping you impact more people and make more money and less time doing what you do best so you can better enjoy your family, your friends, and your life. Thanks for listening.

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