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Wade is the Real Deal

Wade is a big thinker and this show is living proof of that. He digs deep and brings so many wonderful insights out of his guests! This show will help you create a better life and unlock more presence, growth, and joy in your life. Wade’s perspectives have been a giant blessing on my personal journey so far! His podcast is a fantastic companion to anyone seeking a more abundant/meaningful life.

Work Smart, not Hard!

I lvoe the idea of focusing on living life. Work can be extremely satisfying, but if you don't take steps to enjoy the everyday moments, life will pass you by. Love the practical tips to make this a reality for more people! Mark Savant - After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast

A much-needed message

It’s a breathe of fresh air to listen to a entrepreneurial podcast that is focused on quality of life over the typical “hustle at all cost” message we hear. Wade and his guest do a fantastic job of sharing practical, but impactful advice to help us level up I all facets of life.

Counterintuitive approach to 24/7 hustle

As entrepreneurs we are told we need to hustle 24/7 in order to create success. Wade is on a mission to prove the opposite. You can have a 3 day weekend and still create the impact you want in the world. You can Unhustle and still make a difference abs have a life. If you’re feeling burnout, stressed out and stretched too thin, this podcast is for you.

Very insightful!!!

Really appreciate the variety of insight and experience from each of the guests. I always enjoy finding a show that helps inspire new ideas and ways of thinking, as an entrepreneur.

Great podcast

This podcast is great for helping entrepreneurs succeed at what they value outside of the business. Thanks for all you do!

Bringing Together the Fulfilling Aspects of Life!

Wade makes it clear and easy to understand the importance of the 80/20 strategies and wisdom. Can’t wait to binge listen to see what more I can do to bring together all the aspects of my life to make a better me for life AND business!

Substantive and helpful

Wade studies the content he covers, including reading the books his guests write (a rare thing with podcast hosts), and does a great job at asking the questions that elicit the most valuable information. This result in engaging conversations that are super helpful to entrepreneurs.

Important lessons to focus on for an abundant life!

As a fellow entrepreneur, it can be easy to get lost in the numbers and growing the business while ignoring the other areas of life. I love how Wade has guest that give intentional practical insights that help you create a life you actually want to live.

Thank you Wade!

Wade is that heart of powerful discussions. Love listening to him. And there’s always something to learn and takeaway. Thank you Wade!

Must listen!

Wade does a great job of presenting complex concepts in a very simple to follow method. Wade is easy to listen to, and very relatable! - Dane

Excellent For Entrepreneurs

Wade does an excellent job distilling entrepreneurial lessons through thoughtful conversations. It is clear he comes from an experienced background and is keen on helping others in their business journey.

What you need to know

This is a powerful podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners and people who want to move out of the struggle of doing all the things all the time into creating a seemingly for filling business and life through practical tools. Highly suggest you listen to this show! -Michaelunbroken

Wade asks good questions

Wade does a good job of continuing the conversation. He interviews entrepreneurs with good stories. My only critique is the audio volume. Sometimes Wade's voice is a lot lower than that of the person he's interviewing. It's tough to listed to in a loud environment.

Great show lots of gems

Lots of Gems in this show. Definately worth taking time to listen to.

Great podcast

I love this podcast, definitely will be listening more!

Live the life you want!

The 3 Day Weekend is in AMAZING podcast helping you live the real life you want. Wade Galt is a great host who explains things in really clear manner, making work more focused and so much easier. No matter the episode, you'll leave with a greater understanding of how we as humans function and what you can do to truly live the life you desire!

I love this podcast!!

I get really inspired hearing stories from these inspiring entrepreneurs! Keep ‘em coming!!

Great podcast that provides a depth of knowledge

I love Wade’s podcast. The questions are next level and the conversations are full of depth. I highly recommend entrepreneurs subscribe and listen in!

This is one of the best work/life balance podcasts for entrepreneurs. Not just focused on productivity, but also business growth strategy and making sure you spend your energy on high-leverage, high-value work (just 4 days a week).

Do you want to enjoy a 3 - Day Week End?

If you want to have more time in your life then listen to Wade for insights on how to make it posible. He has great content and guests to help you achieve this.

Like Speaking with an Old Friend

Not only am I a fan of the podcast, I was recently lucky enough to be Wade’s guest on the podcast. Speaking with Wade is like chatting with an old friend. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur, and podcasts like this are essential to inspiring people to never give up.

Great advice for the one who wants to intentionally design their lives around their values

I so resonate with what Wade teaches and his beliefs around designing a career that honors who you want to be and prioritizes time with those you love. He is also a great interviewer and brings on guests that have a lot to teach. Looking forward to more episodes!

Engaging episodes

Wade is a great host who shares a range of expertise from qualified guests. Often times, entrepreneur/financial-based podcasts can feel like brain drain, but Wade is able to keep everything interesting and engaging.

Wade is the real deal!

Wade has surprised & delighted me at every turn by the delivering the experience of ease & fun (!) through working with him! He goes the extra mile effortlessly and utilizes the smartest tools for the task at hand to get things done. Guesting on his podcast and seeing his organizational techniques for multiple speakers at PodFest has shown me that he is the guy that you want on your team (preferably running the show!).

Great host

I meet Wade through his podcast. He asks great questions in a conversational manner which makes him fun to work with. His approach to work life balance is something to admire. If you have the opportunity to listen, I highly recommend the podcast.

Practical and Personal Information

Wade takes a holistic approach to helping his audience be more productive, mindful, balanced and happy, combining practical and relevant business advice with insight into finding more joy. His background both in business and psychology is unique, and allows for stimulating, insightful conversations with guests as well as his solo podcasts. I also like that the podcasts vary in length, keeping the content fresh.

Thoughtful questions

Wade clearly has earned his stripes in business which allows him to ask revealing questions.

Very Efficient and Helpful!

I love this podcast because it gives entrepreneurs, like myself, clear, actionable advice that I can use in business and my personal life. Wade is clearly passionate about helping entrepreneurs live a better, more profitable life.

Simple & Profound

Wade gives a simple & profound game plan to create a life worth living, while enjoying the process along the way...