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Wade Galt

Author, Podcast Host & 3-Day Weekend Coach for Entrepreneurs & Employees


With over 30 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, I teach fundamentally sound strategies to help people Make More Money… In Less Time… Doing What They Do Best.
• I help Employees, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners create a sustainable 3-Day Weekend lifestyle.
• Insurance Agency Owners follow my strategies for sales process implementation plus recruiting & accountability enforcement.
• I've been a successful software company founder and owner for over 20 years.

I help people connect with the divinity within, so they can
1. Receive Guidance and Support from the Divine to Create the Life They Most Desire
2. Love Themselves the Way the Divine Loves Us
3. Love Others the Way the Divine Loves Us

I've led retreats and personal growth workshops, authored numerous books on spirituality, personal growth, finance, parenting, business growth & more.

Pulling from 15 years' experience as a productive employee and over 15 years as a software company founder & owner, corporate consultant, sales process implementation coach, accountability expert, recruiter of superstar talent, provider of mental health counseling (psychology) services, life coach and 3-day weekend entrepreneur - I teach others to create the life they most desire personally & professionally.

As a former Fortune 50 corporation software project leader and sales & management trainer, I've been a lifestyle solopreneur since the year 2000.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Auburn University, a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and have earned the CLU & CPCU professional insurance industry designations. I also successfully qualified to be a Certified Integrative (Life) Coach with the Ford Institute.


I enjoy 3-day weekends, Friday's at the beach playing volleyball with friends, + weekends with my family.

My family and I have enjoyed living ocean-side in North America and South America while creating books, software and coaching programs to help fellow entrepreneurs.

I live happily with my wife, children & dog.

March 2, 2023

199. 1% Inspiration, 9% Validation, 90% Perspiration

How to Intelligently & Intentionally Invest Your Time, Energy, and Money to Create High-Impact and High-Income Results.

Episode page
Feb. 23, 2023

198. How to Break the Success-Perfectionism Cycle

Generate more energy to impact others powerfully and earn abundantly by learning to fully appreciate, celebrate and enjoy your wins.

Episode page
Dec. 22, 2022

193. What Will I Have to Give Up to Create a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle?

Make a conscious choice about how to balance your life, work, family, friends, and income.

Episode page
Dec. 8, 2022

191. Can I Work the Days My Kids are in School Instead of Working a 4…

Create a work-life schedule that supports you, your family, and your work.

Episode page
Nov. 29, 2022

189. 9 Ways to Free Up Money So You Can Afford a 3-Day Weekend Lifest…

Before you create or ask for a 3-Day Weekend / 4-DAy Workweek opportunity, you need to be able to afford it. How close are you?

Episode page
Nov. 10, 2022

187. Whose Permission Do I Need to Enjoy a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle?

People often wait for someone's approval, encouragement, or permission to do fun or great things in life. You can start moving towards your 3-day weekend or similar lifestyle anytime you choose.

Episode page
Oct. 31, 2022

185. If You Realize You Have Enough, You are Truly Rich

1 simple line from the 33rd page of the Tao te Ching explains a powerful insight about how wealthy we feel. Understanding & internalizing this 1 piece of wisdom can change our relationship with success, money, and struggle (forever).

Episode page
Oct. 13, 2022

183. Rise Above Scarcity - It's Not Real

Understand and embrace a true abundance mindset & knowing, so you can rise above the anxiety, fear, and worry created by artificial scarcity.

Episode page
Sept. 7, 2022

181. How to Reduce Your Expectations, Stress, and Workload

Manage your work & life better + increase your happiness & joy by creating expectations that liberate & serve you rather than stress you out.

Episode page
Aug. 24, 2022

179. 3-Day Weekends Now or Fully Retire Later?

How to make the most of the energy you have while you’re young and still enjoy the ride later in life.

Episode page
Aug. 12, 2022

177. To Shave or Not to Shave?

Shaving 12 minutes per day = 1 hour per week. That's 40-50 hours per year, depending on how many weeks you work. Is it worth it? Can you get away with not doing it? What do you stand to lose …

Episode page
July 26, 2022

175. Our Most Magical Moments in Life are Often Unplanned

So often, we try to control life because we think we know what's best for us. This leads us to want to control almost everything and leaves out many (often better) possibilities for us. If we can balance planning and …

Episode page
July 10, 2022

173. Be Happy First, Then Pursue Your Dreams

You can wait until you get everything you want to be happy, or you can be happy at most of the steps along the journey. The choice is yours.

Episode page
July 5, 2022

172. Are Your Driving or Driven?

Do you want to be the author & director of your life? Or would you prefer to have your insecurities & the opinions of others rule your life?

Episode page
June 14, 2022

171. The 4 Core Premises of a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle Philosophy and …

These are the 4 Core Premises at the heart of our 3-Day Weekends in 3 Months Coaching program that are foundational to creating this type of life.

Episode page
May 26, 2022

168. You Don't Need to Impact Millions of People to Make a Difference…

Create your positive impact in the world for 1 person at a time.

Episode page
May 5, 2022

164. How to Earn F(orget) You Money

Some people believe you need to make a huge income to earn the freedom to tell people "No". That's not the case. I'll tell you how.

Episode page
April 25, 2022

162. Did You Make the Most of Your Weekend?

Wasting time at work undermines WHAT you're trying to achieve. Wasting time in your personal life undermines WHY you're trying to achieve it. Your personal time does not need to be rigidly structured to make sure you optimize every moment. …

Episode page
April 21, 2022

161. Your Going Away 3-Day Weekend Party

What if you were one of the first people to go on one of Elon Musk's trips to Mars and start a life there? You're offered a 3-Day Weekend Going Away Party... anywhere you want... and you can invite anyone …

Episode page
March 31, 2022

157. Confidence, Consistency, & Cash Flow

How strong are you in each of these 3 areas? Which is most important for your entrepreneurial success? Knowing the answer to these 2 questions can be critical to the success or failure of your business & work - regardless …

Episode page
March 2, 2022

153. Your Impact & Income Vision for Your Purpose - Day 4 of the 3-Da…

Open up to receiving a vision around how you can live your purpose in a way that creates huge impact for others and great income for you.

Episode page
Feb. 25, 2022

152. Know How Much Income Is Enough - Day 3 of the 3-Day Weekend Chal…

Get clear on what you need to earn to create the life you most desire, then decide what investments you want to make now and which can wait.

Episode page
Feb. 22, 2022

151. Make Your Ideal Week Your Default Lifestyle - Day 2 of the 3-Day…

Create a Default Weekly Schedule that you Love and don't need a vacation from.

Episode page
Feb. 21, 2022

150. Create Freedom with Delegation - Day 1 of the 3-Day Weekend Chal…

Today's focus - Replace 1 hour of Low Impact / Low Income work with 1 hour of High Impact / High Income Work by Delegating.

Episode page
Feb. 14, 2022

148. Happy Valentine’s Day - How Is Love Working In Your Life?

How well are you loving yourself in your work and outside of work? How well are you loving & helping your clients, and how well are they loving & supporting you?

Episode page
Feb. 10, 2022

147. How Much Money Do I Need to Make to Enjoy a 3-Day Weekend Lifest…

Get clear on what you want to experience most in life, so you don't work more hours than you need.

Episode page
Feb. 3, 2022

145. How Can Creating a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle Help Me Be a Better P…

How to create more free time for you to recharge & get time for you (and your partner / spouse) so you can be fully energized and present when you're with your children.

Episode page
Nov. 25, 2021

134. I am Thankful for You

I am grateful for you and so much more. I hope you, your loved ones, and your work are doing great! I wish you all the best this holiday season!

Episode page
Nov. 12, 2021

131. Turn Off Your Notifications & Be Where Your Feet Are

Create more fulfillment, happiness, focus, joy, & results simply by being 1,000% fully present with who and what is right in front of you.

Episode page
Oct. 22, 2021

127. "I've Never Had a Bad 3-Day Weekend"

My son told me that when he could tell I was overthinking the 3-day weekend / 4-day workweek / work less & make more concept... and he was right!

Episode page
Oct. 16, 2021

125. What are you doing THIS Weekend? (Life Starts Today!)

Are you putting off a great life for tomorrow? Or someday? Or "when the timing is right"? There's no better time than the present to start investing more of your time and energy in the activities you enjoy most with …

Episode page
Oct. 1, 2021

122. Your Ideal Default Weekend

Create a clear picture and vision of what you would love your weekend to look like on any weekend you’re not going on vacation or enjoying a holiday weekend, so your weekends become awesome without you having to plan them.

Episode page
Sept. 13, 2021

118. What's Your Magic Income Number?

Identify & possibly reduce the income number that would fund your most desired lifestyle, so you can clearly know and get excited about your goal.

Episode page
Sept. 4, 2021

115. Numbers are Rarely Enough, People Often Are Enough

Update the way you measure success & happiness in business and life.

Episode page
Aug. 28, 2021

112. Diminishing Returns on Hustle

Sometimes we work more but achieve nothing. Learn a simple way to know how to identify when you're doing that.

Episode page
Aug. 21, 2021

109. Are You Asking for What You Really Want?

Get clear about what you most desire so you can design the income and lifestyle opportunity that bests supports you.

Episode page
Aug. 11, 2021

105. Put Your 3-Day Weekend Before Your Work

Rearrange your thinking process so you put your life before your work.

Episode page
Aug. 8, 2021

103. Summit 18 - Your 3-Day Weekend Game Plan with Wade Galt

Learn to Create YOUR Plan an abundant & sustainable 3-day weekend lifestyle.

Episode page
July 19, 2021

096 - Summit 11 - Free Up Money to Play With & Enjoy - Wade Galt

Make More Money Available to Invest & Play as You Desire

Episode page
July 15, 2021

095 - Summit 10 - Andrew Weiss - Create a Contagiously Passionate Life

Andrew lives a dynamic life that includes diligently serving others while creating a fulfilling path for himself and for the people he helps. Learn practical & actionable things you can do to activate PASSION in your life & the lives …

Episode page
July 14, 2021

094 - Summit 09 - Create More Time for Fun with Wade Galt

Make More Time to Do the Things You Enjoy Most

Episode page
June 24, 2021

092 - Summit 07 - Multiply Awesome Relationships in Your Life with Wa…

Create More Time to Spend with the People & Groups You Most Enjoy

Episode page
June 16, 2021

090 - Summit 05 - Use Your Things Rather than Letting Them Use You wi…

Make Things Work for You Rather than You Working for Them

Episode page
June 8, 2021

088 - Summit 03 - Let Go of Whatever is NOT Your Vision with Wade Galt

Once you get clear about what you DO want in your life, it becomes easier to start letting go of the money and time investments that don't serve your vision.

Episode page
June 8, 2021

086 - Summit 01 - Create Your 3-Day Weekend Vision with Wade Galt

Design the Plan for You to Create, Fund, & Maintain a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle I'm going to help you create the Vision & the Game Plan for you to start living your 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle (or the closest thing to …

Episode page
April 28, 2021

084 - Live Today, for Tomorrow is Not Promised

Remembering a great friend, Larry Zywica, who taught me and countless others a priceless life lesson. God bless you and those you love.

Episode page
March 23, 2021

082 - Save Time, Money & Energy by Doing Work You Love

Simplify your life, be happier, and make more money in the long run by doing work that you love or at least like a lot. Large amounts of money don't always follow when you do work you enjoy, but huge …

Episode page
March 16, 2021

080 - Are You Moving TOWARDS Something or AWAY from Something?

Leverage Positively-Worded Goals to Help You Focus on What You Most Seek to Achieve

Episode page
March 9, 2021

078 - Spring Cleaning - Do Less, So You Can Focus More

Answer 15 questions to move forward with your business and life. - What have you been wanting to let go? - How can you eliminate or reduce this project with minimum losses? - How can you start (even slowly) a …

Episode page
Dec. 23, 2020

073 - What are you most grateful for in your life?

Gratitude creates Appreciation, which breeds Confidence and leads to Powerful Action. This starts a virtuous cycle that leads to having more things to be grateful for.

Episode page
Dec. 16, 2020

072 - Are You Growing or Living the Same Life Every Year?

One of my favorite questions by the author, Dr. Wayne Dyer, was, “are you living a new life, a unique life every year or are you reliving the same life every year for 30 years?" This question has constantly challenged …

Episode page
Nov. 18, 2020

069 - Pay Yourself First with Your Time

We've been told by financial experts, “pay yourself first” when talking about our money, but how many of us put ourselves first with our time investments? If we want to experience more fulfillment and enjoyment in our life, we must …

Episode page
Oct. 15, 2020

066 - How Employers Can Safely Offer a 4-Day Work Week to Their Emplo…

Attract, Retain & Motivate employees with opportunities that allow them to earn additional paid time off. If you're an employer who's considering offering a 4-Day Work Week or other similar flexible working situation to your employees, it can feel extremely …

Episode page
Sept. 23, 2020

064 - How Meditation Makes 4-Day Work Weeks Easier

Implement a simple process to decide where to invest your Time, Inspiration, Money and Energy. As you experience greater levels of success, you will likely experience more opportunities. The challenge is to decide which ones to pursue and which to …

Episode page
June 5, 2019

059 – Who You’ll Have to Move Away from to Work a 4-Day Work Week

Most people have heard the idea that we’re very influenced by the 5 people we spend the most time with. But are those people helping you on your way to a 4-Day Work Week, or hindering it? In this episode, …

Episode page
May 28, 2019

058 – Big Wealth Is a Result of Managing Small Wealth Well

Most of us know that when it comes to money, bigger wealth comes from managing smaller wealth well. But what if I told you that the same was true for your free time? Find out why in this episode.

Episode page
May 22, 2019

057 – What You’ll Have to Give Up to Work a 4-Day Work Week

What are you willing to give up in order to work a 4-Day Work Week? In this episode, I’ll share with you 3 things that you’ll need to quit if you want to have a higher income, better results, and …

Episode page
May 14, 2019

056 – Only Happy People Truly Want More Free Time

You could be making all the money you need and working the most flexible job ever, but if you’re not satisfied with your life outside work, you’re unlikely to reach a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle. Learn why – and more …

Episode page
May 3, 2019

055 – What It Feels Like to Work a 4-Day Work Week

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to work a 4-Day Work Week? When most people consider this question, they focus on the 3-day weekend, or the reward. But a 4-Day Work Week Lifestyle isn’t just about more time …

Episode page
May 3, 2019

054 – The 4-Day Work Week Apprentice

Does the way you ACTUALLY spend your time match how you WANT to spend your time? Wherever you are on your 4-Day Work Week journey, this is a key question: after all, there’s no point freeing up more time if …

Episode page
May 2, 2019

053 – The 4-Day Work Week Game Plan

Welcome to Season 2 of the 4-Day Work Week Podcast! In this season I’m going to be focusing on the 4-Day Apprentice: someone who isn’t yet working the hours they want or earning the income they need. This stage is …

Episode page
Oct. 31, 2018

52. Who’s Waiting for You to Deliver Bigger Results?

As entrepreneurs, we all want to be working with people who are on a similar level to us in terms of business ability. But who said you couldn’t serve people at all levels and all price points – you just …

Episode page
Oct. 24, 2018

51. How to Schedule Your Raises

Imagine, as an entrepreneur, knowing that your income would reliably go up on a schedule, and all you had to do was to keep increasing your focus and keep improving at your job. In this episode, we’re going to learn …

Episode page
Oct. 17, 2018

50. Who Needs You to Work a 4-Day Work Week?

Looking back at life, nobody wishes they had spent more time at the office. In this episode, we’re going to be thinking about the opportunity cost of working too much, and the people it impacts the most.

Episode page
Oct. 10, 2018

49. The Time Cost of Your Credit Card Debt

In this episode, I’m going to make you angry – but I’m only doing it to try and save you money! Debt, whether on a loan or on a credit card, is incredibly frustrating, and just ends up eating into …

Episode page
Oct. 3, 2018

48. Work Hours Needed to Afford a 25k Car vs. 75k Car

In this episode we’re coming back to the idea of what our expenses cost us in time, and more specifically, our cars. What’s the difference between a $75,000 car and a $25,000 car? Most of the time, the difference is …

Episode page
Sept. 26, 2018

47. How Many Hours Does Your Home Cost You

What do you want from your home? Is it somewhere that’s unbelievably fancy, but that you have no time to enjoy? Or somewhere safe and happy, that doesn’t cost you a whole lot? In this episode we look at how …

Episode page
Sept. 19, 2018

46. Guaranteed ROI Time Investments

All entrepreneurs want to invest in things that will give them a guaranteed return. In this episode, we cover the only 3 things that I know will give you back more than you put in: investing in yourself, in treasured …

Episode page
Sept. 13, 2018

45. How to Become a Rockstar

Running a successful business isn’t that different from starting a successful rock band. There’s the heavy grind over a short period, or the more sustained, balanced effort over a longer period. Find out how these approaches link to a 4-Day …

Episode page
Aug. 22, 2018

44. The Happy 4-Day Work Week Stay at Home Parent

Imagine if you were working a 100, 120-hour week, without being paid. You certainly wouldn’t be working to your best abilities, and you’d probably want to walk out! But that’s what stay at home parents do every week. If we …

Episode page
Aug. 15, 2018

43. Leveraging Patience

It’s natural, when you’re an entrepreneur working on an exciting new project, to be a little impatient, right? I’m naturally an impatient person, but this has come back to bite me in the past. It’s taken me some time, but …

Episode page
Aug. 8, 2018

42. Bringing Happiness and Fulfilment to Your Work

Most of us have worked in places that are full of happiness and great energy… and places that aren’t. But have you ever stopped to think about who brought the joy and fulfillment to those happy workplaces? It doesn’t just …

Episode page
Aug. 1, 2018

41. The Power of Intentions vs. Goals

Today we’re talking about the difference between intentions and goals. While goals tell us where we want to end up, intentions are the ways we’re working to get there, or even somewhere better than we originally planned. Rather than trying …

Episode page
July 25, 2018

40. EFFORT Entrepreneurs vs. IMPACT Entrepreneurs

Are you making an EFFORT, or are you making an IMPACT? So many coaches talk about the importance of hustling and hard work, but is that all it takes to make a difference? In today’s episode, we’ll talk about ways …

Episode page
July 18, 2018

39. Necessary Entrepreneurial Boredom

Boredom is a bad thing right? Well, not exactly! In this episode, we are going to be exploring how a bit of intentional boredom as an entrepreneur can actually help you to make more money, and have more time for …

Episode page
June 27, 2018

38. The Entrepreneurs 4 Primary Focus Areas

As an entrepreneur, you have time to focus on what’s important, but you don’t have time to focus on everything. In today’s episode, we’ll be breaking down how to determine what’s important and the focus areas these things fit into. …

Episode page
June 20, 2018

37. The 2 Types of Work You Want to Be Doing

We all recognize that there are different kinds of work that we do: some that we’re good at, some that we enjoy doing, and some which we dislike or we’re not so good at. But how many of us take …

Episode page
May 30, 2018

36. The Price of Our Vices

Today we’re talking about the cost of our vices. These aren’t deadly sins, but rather the things we come to rely on, even though we know they’re not good for us. The short-term comfort or energy we get from our …

Episode page
May 23, 2018

35. My Members Only/Generation One Jacket

In today’s episode we’re going to go back to that important question of “how much are you willing to pay for your lifestyle?” We all want nice things, and we all want to show off to other people: it’s human …

Episode page
May 16, 2018

34. Think Like a Freelancer

Freelancers work for freedom and purpose, they keep their expenses low, and they look to create a great life both inside and outside work. Without knowing it, they are already embodying some of the most important aspects of a 4-Day …

Episode page
May 9, 2018

33. The 5 Big Benefits of Being a 4-Day Work Week Parent

In today’s episode we’re going to talk about how a 4-Day Work Week Lifestyle can help you to be a better parent and a happier person. There’s a lot you can get done on a Friday when you’re not at …

Episode page
May 2, 2018

32. Redefining Retirement

In today’s episode we’re going to be discussing that scary word: retirement. Why should retirement be a black-and-white case of doing a job you don’t enjoy until you’re too old to do anything else, then not doing anything else? Why …

Episode page
April 25, 2018

31. The 2,156 Day Problem

If you could add 6 years onto your life, would you want to? Spoiler: that’s the amount of additional free time you would have if you took every Friday off throughout your working life. The sooner you start working towards …

Episode page
April 18, 2018

30. 4 Steps to a 4-Day Work Week for Entrepreneurs

Achieving a 4-Day Work Week won’t happen overnight, but with commitment, it is a very achievable goal. In today’s episode we cover 4 steps for entrepreneurs or business owners that will help them on their journey to having more free …

Episode page
April 11, 2018

29. 4-Day Entrepreneur Order of Operations

Most entrepreneurs go into business in order to take control of their own time and finances, but so few actually manage to cut their working hours enough to have any more free time. In today’s episode, we’re going over a …

Episode page
April 4, 2018

28. 5 Steps to a 4-Day Work Week for Employees

A 4-Day Work Week isn’t just for entrepreneurs and business owners; by following these 5 steps, employees can begin their journey towards earning more, working less, and leaving more time for doing what they love. Employers: there’s something for you …

Episode page
March 21, 2018

27. Material Possession Mastery Milestones for 4-Day Work Week Appren…

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much stuff you own? Are you working crazy hours to afford belongings that you don’t even have time to enjoy? In this episode, we cover 10 milestones that will help you to optimize …

Episode page
March 14, 2018

26. Money Investment Mastery Milestones for 4-Day Work Week Apprentic…

Is your money working for you? Optimizing your money and spending can not only give you peace of mind, but it can also bring you one step closer to a 4-Day Work Week. In this episode we break the process …

Episode page
March 7, 2018

25. Time Investment Mastery Milestones for 4-Day Work Week Apprentices

Where are you investing your time? Whether or not you are working a 4-Day Work Week yet, maximizing your time outside of work is a key step, and this means investing your time wisely. Are you getting enough sleep, or …

Episode page
Feb. 28, 2018

24. Relationship Mastery Milestones for 4-Day Work Week Apprentices

Are you making room for your most important Relationships? Do you get enough quality time with your loved ones and friends? Whether you work a 4-Day Work Week yet or not, your ability to connect and spend time with your …

Episode page
Feb. 22, 2018

23. How Many Vacation Days is Credit Card Debt Costing You?

When you pay your credit card bill… are you paying interest? If so, have you ever considered how many days of work it would take you to pay for that interest? What about any other high-interest or unnecessary debt? We …

Episode page
Jan. 3, 2018

22. What 1 Thing Should You Drop THIS Week?

What activities, relationships, tasks or responsibilities are costing you time, money, life force or frustration? What do you need to let go? Sometimes it’s best to do nothing. Work doesn’t always lead to results. Learn how to make this happen.

Episode page
Dec. 29, 2017

21. What’s the 1 HUGE RESULT You MUST Complete This Week?

Not all activities are created equal. Some get HUGE Results… create a BIG Impact on the World… and generate LARGE amounts of money. And then there’s everything else. Learn to develop the habit of accomplishing (only) 1 (very big) new …

Episode page
Dec. 21, 2017

20. Why You Definitely Want Your Employees to Work a 4-Day Work Week

Even if you’re the business owner, you might find your 5th day of the week is not as strong as the other. How productive do you think your employees are on their 5th day? If you want to keep them …

Episode page
Dec. 15, 2017

19. Income, Lifestyle, Then More

There’s a specific order of operations that makes getting to a 4-day work week lifestyle as easily and quickly as possible. Learn the simplest and clearest path to achieving your goal in the least amount of time.

Episode page
Dec. 8, 2017

18. Can You Afford to Work a 4-Day Work Week?

Many people blame others (work, boss, economy, etc.) for their inability to get out of the rate race, but they are unwilling to make changes to the way they spend or make money. One of the first requirements to working …

Episode page
Dec. 1, 2017

17. Why Most People Don’t Want to Work a 4-Day Work Week

Most people are SCARED to death to work less. They don’t even know what they would do with the extra time. Sounds crazy, right? What if I’m accurate? Listen to this episode & learn how to escape this 4-Day Work …

Episode page
Nov. 23, 2017

16. Are You Doing Your Soul Work and Does That Matter?

Are you making a difference in the world with your work? Do you find it fulfilling? Is it your “calling”? And does any of that even matter? It matters, but not the way most people think. Learn how to finally …

Episode page
Nov. 17, 2017

15. The Serenity Prayer and the 4-Day Work Week

As people, it’s effective for us to accept what we cannot change and work on what we can. As entrepreneurs, it’s most beneficial for us to let go of work that is not our highest impact / highest income work …

Episode page
Nov. 10, 2017

14. What Kind of ROI are You Getting on Your Relationships?

You wouldn’t randomly invest in a stock, a piece of real estate or a business project without expecting to see some benefit from your investment. If your relationship investments are paying off for you (with fun, happiness & fulfillment), you’ll …

Episode page
Nov. 3, 2017

13. What’s So Magical About Your 5th Work Day?

If you can’t achieve something in the first 4 days of a week, is it magically going to happen on the 5th day? Not much happens on the 5th day of the work week for many people. Much of what …

Episode page
Oct. 27, 2017

12. Moving to a 4-Day Work Week One Month at a Time

If you’re an entrepreneur making the money you need to be making, you can probably get to a 4-day work week in a year or less. Many clients I’ve worked with have been able to do this when it’s a …

Episode page
Oct. 21, 2017

11. Have You Decided to Start Working a 4-Day Work Week Yet?

It’s not going to happen if you never choose it. At some point we all decide to do certain things (brush our teeth, take a walk, but a car, get a job). The absolute first step to the entire journey …

Episode page
Oct. 13, 2017

10. Is Your Inner Child Stopping Your 4-Day Work Week?

Are your beliefs, habits, thoughts or anything else keeping you from creating the lifestyle you most want to work? We’ll discuss how to drop the drama and get moving in the right direction toward your 4-day work week lifestyle

Episode page
Oct. 6, 2017

9. The 20-Hour Pair of Jeans

How many hours do you work for each of your impulse purchases? How about your unnecessary luxuries? Are you fully aware of how much time it REALLY takes you to afford these? Every time you buy something, you invest your …

Episode page
Sept. 29, 2017

8. Your Most Important Life Experiences

What activities or events have made the biggest impact on your life? How can you make room for more of them? Start examining where the most fun and fulfilling experiences take place in your life and create the space for …

Episode page
Sept. 22, 2017

7. The Teacher and the Executive

Do you ever find yourself delaying gratification for too long? Are you waiting for “someday” when you’ll start to live the lifestyle you most desire? I don’t mean buying overpriced toys. I’m talking about making the time to live life …

Episode page
Sept. 15, 2017

6. What Do You Miss Out On When You Work Too Much?

What life experiences would you be sharing and enjoying if you were working less?

Episode page
Sept. 8, 2017

5. What Would You Trade to Have Fridays Off?

If you’re already an entrepreneur (or if you work and hourly income and have the ability to reduce your work hours), you might be able to trade some of your unnecessary expenses (toys, goodies, etc.) for time off. Ready to …

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Sept. 1, 2017

4. Remember When You Made Less and Spent Less?

Why did your expenses go up when your income went up? Wasn’t your plan (and everyone else’s) to save the money or take more vacations or work less? More importantly, WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT?

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Aug. 24, 2017

2. The 4 Stages to Creating a Sustainable 4-Day Work Week Lifestyle

Are you ready to start creating a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle? If you are, then there are just 4 stages you must go through to make this happen. You might already be through 1 or more of them. No matter …

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Aug. 24, 2017

1. Welcome to the 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur Podcast

Have you ever had a 3-day weekend and thought, “Wow, I’d like to do this all the time?” If so, then this podcast is for you. I help entrepreneurs and employees create a 4-day work week lifestyle so they can …

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