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Oct. 31, 2022

185. If You Realize You Have Enough, You are Truly Rich

1 simple line from the 33rd page of the Tao te Ching explains a powerful insight about how wealthy we feel. Understanding & internalizing this 1 piece of wisdom can change our relationship with success, money, and struggle (forever).

1 simple line from the 33rd page of the Tao te Ching explains a powerful insight about how wealthy we feel. Understanding & internalizing this 1 piece of wisdom can change our relationship with success, money, and struggle (forever).   



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Hey everybody. Hope you are doing awesome. Want to share with you a concept that's pretty basic. Something that maybe a lot of you have thought about before or maybe you've heard of this line. It's a line from the Tao te Ching, a book of wisdom from the east.


And the line is if you realize you have enough, you are truly rich. Rich. And this is based off a very basic concept which is that being rich and feeling rich are really subjective things. These are not things that are objective facts. So you probably know there are people you know that have lots of money who are happy and they feel rich.


And you probably know people who have lots of money who do not feel happy or rich. You probably know people who have less money, who feel rich and you know people who have lots of money, who feel rich. And then you have some that have lots of money, they feel poor and you have some a little bit of money that feel poor. So there's not a direct correlation between somebody having money, having things, having material possessions and necessarily being rich by any objective standard or feeling rich. And so what you realize if you've been on the planet any amount of time is that there's always somebody who has more than you.


There's always somebody who has less than you. So they might have more possessions, they have more things, more real estate, more money, more attention. And yet there's others that have less. And if you've been around the world, if you've traveled, if you've connected with different cultures or even with your own culture, you've recognized that some people need a lot to feel happy and some people don't need a lot to feel happy. Some people happy are happy with very, very simple things and their life is simple and they are just content with the way things are.


And then there are other people that really seem to need a lot in their life to feel like they are abundant, to feel like they're being taken care of, to feel like the world is in some way being good to them. And so what I'm going to suggest to you is that you can live your life in any of these different ways. Your possessions do not need to define how you feel about yourself. They don't need to define whether you feel like you're rich or you're not rich, whether you're worthy or not worthy. Now, certainly you might decide that you want to have more things and that is an awesome thing.


But to decide that you have to have something to feel wealthy or to feel good about yourself is really just setting yourself up for a onedimensional view of the world that is very easily fragile and very easily disrupted. There are so many dimensions to wealth. There is how you treat people, there is your happiness, there is your work life, there's your spiritual life, your family life, your friends, your home, your health. There's so many areas in your life where you can be abundant and be rich. And there's for most of us, almost always going to be some area that we need to work on or we want to improve in.


And almost nothing, almost no part of our life or not all of our parts of our life, are always at the same time down. Usually there's something we can build upon, something we can work with. So I invite you to consider that wherever you are, it's possible for you to define your wealth in a way that allows you to acknowledge the fact that there's multiple ways you can be wealthy, that you can enjoy that. And if you realize that you do have enough, that you woke up today and you're good and you have friendships and you have food and you have family and you have shelter, that that's enough. And you can still build on that.


We definitely want to build on what we have, but we can feel abundant and be abundant while we're doing that. So it's not this experience of lack, it's not this experience of wanting more. It's experience of abundance that then builds confidence and allows us to create even more abundance. And so this is not just about while you should feel this way so you'll be a good person. This is something that works, that makes people happier, allows you to be more powerful in your life.


So I hope this little quick tidbit here serves you. It's been a huge part of my life to really understand this basic concept that when I realize I have enough, I'm truly rich. If you'd like to learn more about how you can start creating your 3-day weekend lifestyle, you can get started for Free at And there's tutorials and coaching and training there to help you get started to make more time to enjoy your family, your friends, your income, your loved ones. And then specifically, if you're an entrepreneur looking to create a 3-day weekend lifestyle and you're ready to make it happen, you feel like you've got good enough money going on, you're in a solid place and you really want to free up more time, go ahead and check out to learn about our three day weekends and three month program.


Hope you're doing awesome, as always. I look forward to helping you help more people and make more money. And last time, do what you do best so you can fully enjoy your family, your friends, and your life. Thanks so much for listening.


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