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Sept. 13, 2021

118. What's Your Magic Income Number?

Identify & possibly reduce the income number that would fund your most desired lifestyle, so you can clearly know and get excited about your goal.

Identify & possibly reduce the income number that would fund your most desired lifestyle, so you can clearly know and get excited about your goal.








Hey, everybody, I hope you're doing awesome today wanted to get into a very simple conversation with you is going to be a short one, but it's going to be really powerful, and it's based on a simple question. What is your magic income number? A lot of people have a number that they believe if they hit this number, life is going to be awesome. Now, hopefully we want to avoid delayed gratification type thinking in the sense of, well, tomorrow I'll be happy. If this happens, I'll be happy.


When this happens, I'll be happy. But today I won't be happy. So first of all, I want to assume that we're still happy where we are today or in some level content. But most of us have some sort of target number where we say, if I make X amount of dollars, if I make a million dollars, $100,000, $50,000, $10 million, whatever it is that that's my magic income number. And what I want you to consider is getting a little more dialed in on it because a lot of people have a number and they don't know what it would mean.


So first thing I want you to consider is how much do you want to increase your income? Now, if you're following along, you can put this in the chat or you can put it in the comment section, or it could be something you share. How much do you want to increase your income? And then the second thing is, why do you want to increase it? And this is more important?


Perhaps why do you want to increase it just because it would be more or is there something it would do for you? And more specifically, what would it look like for your loved ones or your friends? What would it mean to your relationship with them? Your ability to spend time with them, your ability to be with them? If you were to hit this number, how would that make your life different?


How would that make their lives different? What would be so different about this? You'd say, okay, this is worth it. It's really making an impact and what I'm doing and who I am and who they are. What would change for you if you could make that amount?


Would you have more free time? Would you be able to hire more help? If you're an entrepreneur, would you be able to impact more people? Give back to charity? What would that mean for you?


Would you be able to have more time off? Sometimes we need the money to have more time off. Sometimes we can just reduce our expenses. So it's not always the case that making more money is going to create that better lifestyle for us. Sometimes it helps.


And certainly I'm an advocate of having more money rather than having less if you can. But overall, we want to make sure we're dialed into what it would mean and look at then what's that target data for this income increase. What would we do with that? How would we aim towards that? And how would we make that happen?


And so this is a real simple idea for you to think upon. And I suggest you just kind of get clear about what it is you're looking to do rather than simply having this idea that it's going to be more, what would it be? And how would that be different for you if you were able to do that? And so if you want a little more support around this, I'm going to suggest you check out our three day weekend club community, and you can learn more about this community where a huge part of the community is free, where we help you connect with other people who are looking to create a three day weekend lifestyle.


Entrepreneurs, freelancers employers, sidehustle business owners who are all looking to create a situation where they can enjoy life more and have more fun with it and then also upcoming this particular week.


We have a webinar on Thursday. If you're an entrepreneur and you can watch it right here how entrepreneurs can create a three day weekend lifestyle in 90 days. And that's for you. Specifically, if you're in a situation where you're making 80% to 90% of the income you need to make for your lifestyle. And if you're doing that right now on this webinar on Thursday, I'm going to go more in depth into how you can start getting to your lifestyle more quickly.


You can still learn from this if you're not in that situation. But this is specifically designed for a person's situation because it's tailored to helping them get the time part of the equation done more quickly. If you don't have the income for it yet, it might be a little premature to do that, but I hope you're doing well. I hope you and your loved ones are well wherever you're at. And again, I encourage you to think about your magic number.


What that is how it's going to help you create the life and the lifestyle you most desire and how it would be different. And hopefully from this, what it'll do is help you reduce what that number needs to be and get clear about what exactly you would do if you had that, how would make a difference and make it easier for you to get there. The number still might be bigger than your at where you're at right now, but being able to understand that it's not a number like 50 million or 100 million for most people.


Usually it might be 10% more, 20% more. When you're really clear about what it means to you, it's more likely you'll get excited about it.


More likely you'll take action on it, and much more likely you'll make something happen with it. So again, I hope you're doing awesome. Hope you and your loved ones. You're awesome. There's anything to do to help you as always, reach out to me.


I look forward to helping you create the life and the lifestyle you most desire. And again, if you'd like, you can join three Day Weekend Club now by just simply going to 3DayWeekendClub.Com. I hope you have an awesome week and I'll forward to connect with you sometime in the near future. Thank you.


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