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Juliana Rabbi

Career Coach for Remote Work

😃 Hi, I am Juliana. I'm a Career Coach with +15 years of experience as a Recruiter and +7 years working remotely. Would you like to work from anywhere?

Do you dream about a remote job, but not even know which kind of jobs you could consider?

Have you tried everything, but no results?

Do you feel you are wasting your time in a job that you don’t love?

I can help you to CHANGE that and CREATE not only a CAREER, but a LIFESTYLE that makes you HAPPY.

With my guidance, it’s a MATTER OF TIME for you to land your DREAM JOB!


✔️ With my exclusive THE REMOTE JOB FAST FORWARD PROGRAM, I help focused and committed people to LAND A REMOTE JOB in 90 DAYS.

✔️Show your best version online with LINKEDIN and how to best use it.

✔️ Train you to be more prepared in your next JOB INTERVIEW.

✔️ Accelerate your CAREER MOVE.

✔️ Open NEW PERSPECTIVES if you are “A BIT LOST” about the next professional steps.


✔️ People who want to WORK FROM HOME, REMOTELY or as FREELANCER.

✔️ People considering an INTERNATIONAL CAREER.

✔️ Whoever is open to CAREER IMPROVEMENTS.

✔️ The ones who want to GAIN CLIENTS using LINKEDIN.


We don't need to be in the same city or country to work together – sessions are 100% online.

English, Spanish and Portuguese speaker - please choose your favourite language.


I have a neat University Degree in Psychology, grand Master in Human Resources, +15 vibrant years as a Recruiter, +7 years working remotely and experience as a Career Coach.

I have fluffy curly hair, huge amounts of energy and dance moves from the Copacabana beach.

I can't resist playing with dogs, I try different animal poses in yoga and enjoy acting in comedy improv.

I have been to 51 countries so far and counting. I am a Digital Nomad - I travel and work from different places in the world!

I am on a constant professional/personal improvement process, so I will only share TECHNIQUES that are TESTED and WORK.


"I landed my 1st fully remote job after only 2 coaching sessions with her, without having previous remote experience" - Lisa L.

“She is a real leader, empowering, and a big boost in my career” - Annie G.

“She helped me to find the right direction of my career, improving my profile and achieving what I wanted faster” - Albert C.

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