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June 8, 2021

087 - Summit 02 - Create a Life You Love from Wherever You are Right Now with Juliana Rabbi

Juliana Rabbi used to let her career decide where she lived and when she worked.

Then she decided to change the script and decide where she would live and who she would help.

Learn how you can start to greater shape your career, your income, your work location, and your life.

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Juliana Rabbi used to let her career decide where she lived and when she worked.

Then she decided to change the script and decide where she would live and who she would help.

Learn how you can start to greater shape your career, your income, your work location, and your life.








Good morning, how are you doing?


Hello, hello, super happy to be here. Yeah, amazing presentation. Thanks for that. It was a safe way to start.


Thank you very much. So I am so happy to have Julianna here. I just met Julianna a couple of months ago, a few months ago. Love the work she's doing. She's helping people create a more free lifestyle and let her tell you more about it. But she's going to be like, we're starting right out with one of these people. This is our. These aren't just testimonies. I didn't pull these random people. These are not paid actors.


These are real people. And if you're not sure, go to their LinkedIn pages. So, Julianna, thank you so much for coming today. I'm going to get out of the way, let you get started.


You I need authorization to share the screen. Yes. Thank you. So happy to be here. I hope everybody can already see the screen I'm sharing. So it's so interesting to like to understand how the event was organized. Right. So it makes a lot of sense to start a morning thinking about the future, like creating the reality we all want to have and how we want to improve our lives. And then congratulations, Wade once again for posting the order of the speakers that you did, because it makes sense for me to talk about how to create a life you love from whatever you are right now, because sometimes we can think, yeah, that's where I want to get this is the lifestyle I want to build up ten years from now, five years, six years, whatever.


But you realize that you're not there yet. And instead of feeling frustrated about it, what I want to convey to you today is to start taking actions right now, wherever you are at this very moment in your life, to go towards the Lifestyle Solopreneur. So that's exactly what I'm going to talk about, how to create a life that you love from wherever you are right now. So let's do it. I hope I can add value and help you in this process.


So just start with who am I to be here? Why was I invited to this event and what can I add to this situation? Like, why am I talking about that and which background I have to share with you? So pretty much I was someone that a couple of years ago was also not completely happy with my life. I mean, my life was OK, was not bad. You know, I was not depressed. I was not unemployed for many years.


Don't take me wrong. But my life was OK. Was was a good life. But deep inside, I knew that I was not as happy as I could be. I knew there was more out there for me. So I made a lot of change. They restructured pretty much everything in my life to be in a better space, to be living the life that I like more, that I'm really happy and proud about. So I'm here to talk about it because I have experience in my own skin, all of that that I'm going to share with you today.


That's why I am here. And for me, it always started with this phrase that I'm sharing right now. What would you do if you knew you could not fake? You know, this phrase is not coming actually from different books. I was reading events. I was attending conversations I was having. And at some point I was like, wow, I keep hearing this phrase for a long time. So if you think about it, what would you do if you knew you could not say?


Do you know the answer for that? Let's just take like ten seconds for you to think. What would you do if you knew you could not be? These four days made a big difference for me, pretty much started the whole transformation process. So what would you do if you knew you could not be? When I start hearing this question several times, I was like, OK, Jonathan gets down to answer that. And for me was it was like extremely fast answer.


I knew I would travel more. This was my answer. Since the first time I answer that, it was clear I would travel more. And then I realized that I was not there yet. I was not living the lifestyle of one, that I was not traveling as much as I wanted. So there is no right or wrong answer. But that was the right answer for me, traveling more. And I realized I was not there yet. So at some point what happened is that I got tired of myself.


Yeah, I felt extremely bored because I knew what I wanted, but I was doing something different. So I felt that this dichotomy like this difference, like why do I know exactly the lifestyle I want to have, what I want to do with my time, and I'm just not doing that. So I start feeling like extremely boring person and I got tired of saying something and doing a completely opposite thing. So at some point I was like, you know what, it's time to change.


I couldn't handle that situation inside me anymore because I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do, but I was doing nothing about it. So I decided, well, it's time to start changing and. Oops, just a second. Yeah. Back here, yes, it was time to start changing and taking action towards that, and another thing that came to me several times was the what if? What if so what if I don't do anything and I just keep life the way it is right now?


What if I sat down for something that it's not terrible, like my life was not terrible, I was not desperate, but I knew there was more out there for me. So what if I just remain like that, dreaming about a different lifestyle, dreaming about traveling more, dreaming about more flexibility, dreaming about doing all the things? But I settle for whatever I'm doing at the moment. So the what if I was also another big change for me?


What if I give it a try? What if it works out? What if I'm really happy when I create this life that what if I grow in the process or the what if was another way to motivate me to start taking actions and then be just what I was dreaming about traveling more than the lifestyle I wanted to do. So what if what you were dreaming about right now for 10 years, the reality, what you create? What if it works out?


What if it all happened just as you planned? What if you can create a different reality, even if people around you are not really yet there? So let the body talk to you also. That that made a big difference for me through the process. And I want to share the learnings I had because it was not easy. Let me tell you, there was a lot of ups and downs in the process and a lot of times I felt like I'm not sure if I can do this.


Things were very hard. And I sometimes thought about let me settle for whatever I know already the lifestyle I have previously. But I was persistent and I made it up. So I want to share my learnings to speed up your process, to make your transformation towards a life you love, starting right now easier. So let me share some of my learnings. And this is the moment you should maybe start taking notes and apart from there, what you would do if, you know, you could not fail.


And the what if I start taking notes that will probably help you in the process of creating life that you love and starting from whatever you want right now, you still have your ten year vision, but you can start taking actions right now. So the first thing I would suggest I would recommend is that you make your peace with the fact that you probably most likely don't have everything clear right now. You might know where you want to get you might know the final result, but how to get there or you might not even know the final result.


You might have some hints about some ideas, you know, some elements you want to bring to your life, the life you love, but you still don't know everything. And one mistake that people do is that they wait. You have one hundred percent clarity about that. They are used to use this metaphor. Before I was like, I'm going to wait for a light to come and show me the perfect vision and the perfect path I need to follow.


But this light never came. So if you keep Wade, you have clear vision, a clear understand a full picture of what you're going to do next and how you're going to create this life. You're never going to start taking action, so you don't need that. And I want to talk about it, Guy. I hope I'm pronouncing that properly. It's like a Japanese term. That means the sweet spot between the graphic here show a little bit.


So Gapper, far to the yellow part, you have what you love doing and then on the left side, what you're good at, then what you can be paid for. You also make money out of that. And then what words? So Ichigo Guy is the sweet spot between all those things. And it's amazing if you can find that light, you can find the mix of I love doing that. I'm really good. The world needs that.


People will pay me for that. And some people are like that, that I imagine the typical person that since childhood used to say, like, I want to be a doctor, this is my dream. And then the person grows up and studied to be a doctor and is a doctor and is very fulfilled about it. That's amazing. And I'm really happy for those people. But let me tell you, I was not like that. I, I didn't know how to put my patients together with something that the world needs and people would pay me for.


That was frustrating me so much because I was like, I need to find the sweet spot. I need to find the answer. I need to combine everything in a way that makes sense. But he was not making sense to me. This was stopping me. So for some people, Ichigo might help, but for others it might not help. So even if you don't have completely clarity about how to put all the pieces together in your life and find your sweet spot, still you can move ahead.


So for me, it was a big no no, it was frustrating me, but luckily I found another approach to things that helped me much more. And I will share that with you. It's called design thinking. I don't know if I've heard about it. Design thinking is pretty much. At a technique, an approach that designers use to create a logo for a company, for example, to create a new product, so it's it's a way of finding solutions to problem.


Pretty much that's the idea of design thinking. But we can apply it to so many things in life. And you can apply also to create life that you love starting right now. So design thinking, as you can see, it's like this infinite symbol and there is no right place where you want to get it subprocess. And you start with the upper left part of the emphasize here. You start with that part. So you want to stand what you need.


You understand what people around you need. So it's a lot about connection at the beginning, like looking inside and connecting to other people to understand what is the real need and connect with others. Then you go to this red party to define and to narrow down out of different possibilities, out of different ways. What is the problem you want to solve now? What is this one thing you want to start with? Because if you think about, oh, I need to create a life I love from scratch and there are so many things to do.


Yes, you might get frustrated and overwhelmed. So just take one piece of that, one small part, define what is the initial problem, the first thing you want to deal with and then go for it. And then you go to this orange part, you the idiot, and you start generating ideas. So this is what I love about design thinking. You don't need to have the ideas before you have more steps, before you know what you do.


So when you are already in the process, you start getting clarity about that. You start having ideas about how to create the life I want, how to enjoy more what I do. So again, you don't need to know from the beginning you can start and the ideas will come at some point in the process. And then I also love the prototype phase of the design thinking because you start testing things out, you start creating, you start experimenting so you don't need to have it all clear, but you start getting closer to it.


You bring this reality closer to you. You start feeling, you just start living it and then you see how you feel and then you start testing. You refined a product, you make adjustments, you discover things about yourself that maybe you didn't know before. And it's an ongoing process. So the design thinking for me was a big relief, was like, it's OK if I don't know how to start. If I don't have it clear, I chose to start and I'm going to learn in the process.


So this might work for you and I might work for other people. So just understand that it is a process. And even if you don't know exactly where you're going to get, you can still start and taking action. So this is the first thing I wanted to share. The second thing also extremely important is community being surrounded by the right people right now. So there is this say you are the average of the five people you spend more time with.


Right. And I think we all heard about it. But that's so true, especially in a life and career transition process. So what I realized is that when I have my nine to five job and I was it I was living in Barcelona, Spain at the time. I was working as a corporate recruiter. I wasn't even a very nice apartment. I was working from home already. I was traveling from time to time. So I had a good life.


And people around me, they pretty much had the same lifestyle, the same goals, the same ambitions. And and it was easy to be friends with them and have a conversation and share life with them. But at the moment I start changing at the moment that I start wanting different things in my life and change things. I realize that people around me were not ready for that because they didn't understand why I wanted to work less, why I wanted more free time, why I wanted to travel more if I was already traveling, why I wanted to work from anywhere, if I was already working from home.


So at some point I realized that people around me, my friends, was to my friends, I still love them, but they saw life in a different way. So it was time for me to change the community, to surround myself with all the people that thought the way I thought people that were even more advanced in the process so they could help me and motivate me to get where I wanted so that the people that you surround yourself with are extremely important to help you to get where you want to get or to stay.


And sometimes, unfortunately, settling down for, you know, a major life, like a life that is not making you happy. So what I did in my transition was to start attending events. It was pretty covid. So it was in-person events. Right. So I started to in-person events. We have people that were already living this lifestyle, they were already where I wanted to be, they had a similar life and approach to to work and to time management and all of that.


So I surrounded myself with people. There was further on in the process than I wanted to be. So that's my invitation to you. You don't need to stop talking to your friends and change completely. But at some point of the process, you might need to make change, that you might need to expand your network to be with all the people that are more aligned with the new version of you that you want to create. So community is a must.


Definitely. The third topic I want to mention is that please don't think that you must start from scratch and throw everything away, like your background, your experience, the connections you have, the things you have learned, your interests. No, no, no. It is possible. At least give it a try to combine everything you have in your backpack already, all your years of work and experience, the connections you have done to the knowledge you have with you.


Try as much as possible to incorporate that in your new life and use that as moving faster in some steps and starting from scratch. Obviously, depending on what you want to do with your life, depending on the way you want to live, you might need to start from scratch. And that's OK. You do an online marketing course, for example, and you start a brand new career and serving all the clients that it is possible also. And it is very OK, but let's not take that for granted.


It's not a rule that you need to give up completely on everything that you have done in the past. And it starts from zero. There are options. So you can start from zero if this is aligned with what you want to do. But you can also incorporate your background, your knowledge, your previous experience, because also you are already an expert in something like people know you as. Oh, he's the guy that does that. Oh, she knows a lot about it.


So you don't need to ignore that. Bring everything you have, everything you are, everything you learned in this journey of creating life that you love more. But I start with what you have, like your background, your experience, your studies, your years of experience. These can be very useful in the process. Check the options that you have now. So, again, there must be something you can do with your experience with the kind of clients you serve at the moment, with the location you are right now, with the skills you have.


So forget about I need to start from zero if I want to create a life that I know you can start from zero, but you can also incorporate everything that you have and take it from there and adjust it, transform it to create the new version of life, a one you love more. So check the options you have right now before you consider starting completely. New York number four is very related to number three. It's like. Please do yourself a favor and go to the easiest way.


We don't need to overcomplicate things and as a human being, sometimes we do that. But there is a way to make things easier. So try to think, try to when you are having your ideas, when you're prototyping options, consider the easiest option. I mean, you can have different options. But remember to put on the top of your list the easiest two options that you have. So what is the easiest way to start? Because otherwise you go back to the beginning when I said at some people start having full clarity about how to create a life they love before they take actions and then they never get there.


So if you start with the easiest way, it's like, OK, maybe I can do that. Maybe I can take the first step. Maybe you can start to process with something that is not that painful and that hard to me. And it's connected also to the fail fast concept, which is very popular. One more and more people are talking about it, and I'm happy that it is like that. But let's just comment quickly about the fading fast is instead of putting all the eggs in one basket, instead of making a lot of financial investment, emotional investment also because sometimes we talk about time and money, but we don't talk about the expectation, the emotional investment that we do in a new business, a new job or starting a project.


So the sooner you test out your ideas and if you need to fade, fade fast, it's going to be easier for you to redirect your plan and make the adjustments and, you know, try new things. So before you put all your hopes, all your expectations in the thing, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. But like the thing try is small steps before you get there, test it out. And if you have to fail, you're going to fail fast and the problems are going to have will be smaller.


And the more money you have invested will be less money and the time you have wasted with that will be limited. So fail fast is like you have an idea. You go for the easiest way. You test it out. You talk to people, you see if it works. You see also how you feel in the process, because sometimes when we imagine a different lifestyle and we imagine as doing something, it might sound amazing on paper. But when you are actually doing to think it's like math, it's not as good as I thought.


And it's OK as far as you fail fast and you give it a try as soon as possible, and then you figure out if you lost that and you go for more and you structure that more and make it bigger. And if it's not your thing, it's OK to go to the next thing. So remember, Fade Fast is OK and it's highly recommended. We also have this method for with the iceberg, which is amazing. And it's a reminder to do not compare our backstage with someone highlights, you know, so we tend to see people that are extremely successful, people that are working very few hours per week.


They're making an impact. They look amazing on the social media and all of that to be like, wow, I'm so far away from that. You know, I'm still struggling. I'm still very lost. And it's OK because as it shows in this photo, what we see is the success of all the people that depart. We see the part we they show actually it's a very small part in the process. So there is a lot of sacrifice, failure, hard working and giving up and lack of confidence and doubt and money and all of that.


We normally don't see we just see the nice part so we can be inspired by people. That's an amazing approach to it. So you can have people that are like a reference to you to guide you towards where you want to be and just see things that are possible to happen so you can have those people as inspiration to you, but not compare yourself with them because you are in a different moment. You have different conditions. You don't know what they pass through the path to get there.


You don't know what they are going through right now because you just see the pick of the iceberg. So the best person to compare yourself with is. Yourself. Yeah, so if you compare yourself today with the Bercy war six months ago, one year ago, two years ago, that's fine because you can follow your process. You can celebrate every achievement you had on the way. But please be kind to yourself, be fair with yourself, and don't compare yourself all the time with others because that's not fair and it won't help you in the process at all.


Also, remember your purple's remember your why it happened to me, so it might happen with some of you that when you started his career and life transition, you get very busy with so many things to do. And sometimes my to do list was like huge. And I was, you know, doing things and connect with people and making decisions all the time. And sometimes I had to stop to remind myself. Why am I doing all of that, like what is the purpose of all of that?


Why am I changing everything in my life towards living a life that I love more? But sometimes I was getting lost in the process, and that's OK. That's fine. And that's normal when we are making such a major change in our life. So from time to time, remember to stop grief and reconnect with our purpose. Why am I doing all of that? Why do I care about it? Is it a still aligned with what I want to do or I got lost in the to do and the day to day activities and I kind of went into a different path.


So you can always go back to the path you want to walk to the life you want to create yourself. But it's good to reconnect with your purpose and don't lose yourself in the process. One thing that helps a lot here is having clarity about your goals. Yeah, I like to define like three goals. I think three is an easy number to remember. So if you remember your three goals and of course they align with your purpose, it's easier for you to make the day to day decision.


So when you have to say yes or no to a job offer or to a collaboration or to decide about how you're going to use your Saturday and Sunday, as Wade was mentioned. So all those things, when you have clarity about your purpose and your goals, it's much easier to say yes or no to things that happen on the way. So remember, you're doing everything, taking actions, making adjustments to live a life you love right now. So remember to align that with your purpose.


Also, you don't need to do it all alone. I mean, it can be really hard. It can be tough because we are talking about structure, structural things, and maybe people around you see life in a different way and they will, you know, with their best intentions, try to stop you or discourage you. So it can be hard, but you don't need to do it all alone. So there is no less value if you do the process of creating life you love with someone helping you, you are not losing points.


It's not a competition. You won't get less of it if you ask for help. It's actually the other way around completely. So you can get to the life you love fest if you need. If you ask for help when you need, if you ask for help, when it's necessary to, sometimes you probably will be doing it alone. And that's OK. It's not creating it's not depending on other people, but it's like having them on your journey whenever it's necessary.


I remember in my career in life transition, I had a life coach at the beginning. Then I had two different business coach because at the beginning was for me was more like a mindset change and a structure to basic things. A life coach was more adjusted to it. And then when I start having my business at the beginning, I had some needs. So I had one coach and one of my business was in a different stage. I had other business needs and I am already right now with my second business school.


So I understand what you need in the process. So it's a lot about reconnecting with yourself and being fair with what I did and who is the best person to help me. And the the topic to like the community will help you along with that, because if you're already surrounded by the right people, you know who can help you, you it's going to be easier to identify who will be the best person to help you in the journey. So go ahead and ask for help whenever you need for how long you need.


There is no shame on it. And it's just going to like speed up the process for you to start instead of dreaming about the life you want to know you're going to start leaving that fast if you have real help on the right moments of the process. And last but not least, extremely bored. And so if I had to summarize everything, you're only one topic would be that enjoy the process. Yes. Yes. Let me say that again.


Enjoy the process. This is. Your life, you want to get there like you want to achieve your 10 year vision, you want to have a life that you love, you want to be successful, make an impact, to be with your family, whatever matters to you. I know you want to get there. And it's extremely important to have a go to guide you, to have a purpose. But the process is as important as achieving there, because you know what, with the design thinking approach that I keep using it for pretty much everything that I do, there is no end goal.


I mean, of course, you are going towards a certain direction and you align things to it, but you might change the way you might discover other sides of yourself that you like more and you might want to go for it. You might learn new things that you didn't know. They even existed on the Wade and you might choose going for that. So if you just wait to celebrate and to have fun at the end of the process, why are you doing all the way?


So enjoy the process, enjoy the transformation that is going to happen, enjoy what you're learning and leave in the meantime. So it's not only about getting there, it's about enjoying the process, because this is your life. Nothing less than that. This is your life. So having fun is extremely important. You can be a professional. It can be very good doing what you do, but having fun is going to make you more sexy on the process.


Embrace your choices. Even if you didn't choose the path that most of people did. It's OK. It's fine. And having a community like this one that supports you will help you to embrace that even more grow as a person in the process. Learn, change your mind, expand your vision, be humble, be flexible, grow as a person and a process. And that's the way to create a lifestyle that you love. And you can start from whatever you are right now.


You don't need to take anything anymore. So if you're waiting for a sign to start these easier side effect, this event is your big sign to start creating a life that you love. So that's it from my side. I would really love to keep in contact. So you have some of the links to find the link to ground you to a website? I provide career coaching services for people who want to land a remote job. So this is one of the ways for some people to create a life that they love.


They want more flexibility. They want to bring their career to a different path. So if this is you, we can talk later. If this is not you, I would also like to talk to keep in contact. So let's expand the connections. Let's create a community between us also and keep in contact after the event. So, yeah. Thank you very much. Let me. Stop sharing that.


Thank you so much for that, Juliana. There is there's so much I love your passion for what you're doing and hopefully the people that are hearing you were realizing that so much of this is it's possible it takes work and energy. It doesn't happen right away.


But I can't stop sharing. Sorry.


That's OK. So you're just you're just a really generous person. That happens sometimes. So I don't know. That's fine. Well, we'll actually we'll we'll bring you up shortly. OK, thank you. All right. Awesome. Debbie, would you jump on if you don't mind. So I'm very blessed to have Debbie also join us. I wanted to get you a chance to have her meet as well. Juliana Rabbi Debbie helping me with the backside of all that's going on here of the in-between stuff and what not.


So first of all, everybody, this is Debbie. Debbie is awesome. Debbie is going to be speaking later this afternoon, and she's gracious enough to help with all of the in-between stuff. So. Hey, Debbie, how's it going?


Hi. Good Wade. How are you doing? It was a wonderful presentation. Both of you have been enjoying listening over here. Wade asked me to come on in and help out with a little bit of the tech stuff today, too. So we're having it. We're having a good time. We're doing absolutely. So thank you so much, Debbie. Yeah, Juleanna, I just I just love what you've shared and I encourage people to continue to connect with people.


And then you're going to see unless something's gone wrong with their tech. Every one of the speakers here is also going to be a member in the community. So you can message them, you can reach out to them. These are all good, genuine people who look to help people. We don't have any what a listers. We don't have any people that are too cool for anybody. We don't have any of that. Most of us run off of the premise that the world's an abundant place and we can help each other out.


And then also in the community are other people who happen to be attending today who are either guests have been the of my podcast and even every person I've met that sign up to the screen that I've got to know something about them. They're doing something that's awesome or they're aspiring to do some. That's awesome. So they're in process of doing something awesome. So keep connecting with people. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to transition into what I'm talking about.


But thank you all for coming out, Juleanna. Feel free to pop in and out and comment or hang out or whatever. But thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you for the energy you bring. And thank you for the example of just choosing a life that's that's exciting and enjoyable and still grounded, still real, still able to make things happen and pay bills and whatnot. But if you follow Juliana Rabbi Instagram or her, she's just so animated.


There's so much going on. So I just had a blast even the last few days just following your stuff as we've been promoting the event. So thank you so much, Juliana.


Thank you. Thank you. Talk to everybody later. Bye bye.


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