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Al "Mega" Perez Profile Photo

Al "Mega" Perez

Founder of Comic Crusaders, 3-Day Weekend Employee, & Side-Hustler

Al started Comic Crusaders - a passion-driven side-hustle/hobby - over 15 years ago to "To Inspire & Nurture Geek Culture 1 Fan at a Time!" and to run events that raise money for causes he believes in.

Like every great superhero, Al has a mild-mannered (though emotionally excitable and loud-spoken) alter ego - who does meticulous customer support for various companies.

Recently, Al decided he was ready to make more time for family, friends, and life.

July 29, 2021

100. Summit 15 - Al Mega - How I Created a 3-Day Weekend Employment O…

Stop waiting for someone to give the opportunity to you, and start positioning yourself to be worthy of the opportunity, and then…

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