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July 29, 2021

100. Summit 15 - Al Mega - How I Created a 3-Day Weekend Employment Opportunity in 9 Months

Stop waiting for someone to give the opportunity to you, and start positioning yourself to be worthy of the opportunity, and then ask for it.

Al started Comic Crusaders - a passion-driven side-hustle/hobby - over 15 years ago to "To Inspire & Nurture Geek Culture 1 Fan at a Time!" and to run events that raise money for causes he believes in.

Like every great superhero, Al has a mild-mannered (though emotionally excitable and loud-spoken) alter ego - who does meticulous customer support for various companies.

Recently, Al decided he was ready to make more time for family, friends, and life.

We'll discuss how he did that, and how you can create a plan to do that, too.



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Welcome, everybody. I am so excited to have an opportunity to interview my friend Al Mega Al is going to share with us about how he created a 3-Day Weekend opportunity in less than nine months from when he decided to. And he is a brilliant creator. He has a side-hustler business called Comic Crusaders, where he shares his passion with other people who are into comics and that pop culture and so on. And he's also a really just dedicated, awesome person.


So thank you so much for joining me today, Al Wepa.


Thank you, Mr. Wade. Gee, they invited me on. I appreciate everybody. What's up? My name is Alexandra Perez, a.k.a. Al Mega, the CEO of Comic Crusaders. And on the cover capes. What's so awesome? So thank you so much for joining us. And for those you'll listen. I messed up. I forgot to the record button. So we're doing this again. That's how dedicated my man is. We are like like thirty minutes or twenty five minutes through a really good interview.


I messed it up. So these things happen. But what I wanted to let you get a chance to share and today is one of the days that you work the day that we're hosting this, this live summit. But I want to be able to share with people because you did something that's awesome. You know, I met just a while ago and shared some ideas. And then next thing you said, Wade, I'm I've got a 3-Day Weekend job situation, dude.


That's awesome. So share a little bit first, if you don't mind. Why did you want to create a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle? What did that mean to you or why didn't even come on your you know, why is that important to you?


3-Day Weekend again, you know, this is something I've wanted. You know, you definitely were basically that that leaping point for me to, you know, jump into it and definitely proceed it. But prior to that, I had a job where I was working consistently. I mean, what was weekends, what was two consecutive days off. And I had those seven day work weeks working through holidays. And I mean, not not eight hour holidays, twelve hours.


So working through Christmas, I mean, having to pause for New Year's New Year's Eve, Happy New Year and go right back to work. I mean, tough, tough times needing to do it. Economy was a hard one to come home. And again, this was black for a while. You know, it's very stressful. And I just needed to figure out it has to be a way out. That has to be a different way. There has to be a better opportunity here, you know.


Awesome. OK, so when you look at where you were at before, again, you're bouncing a couple of things. You have your comic crusader's that you're doing very creative. You invest some of your time and energy there. You're doing your work. Why were you not able to create this before, what were some of the obstacles like, you know, this somebody might say, well, Wade this happened, why didn't I do it before? What made it difficult to do before?


Were you overwhelmed? Was there too much going on?


The less overwhelmed, overwhelmed? Again, a lot of work when you work for a company that had a skeleton crew, a sick or rather some folks, you know, honestly didn't want to give 100 percent. They don't want to talk trash. And if you die, there's always that type of person that doesn't give that hundred while you see yourself doing that to honey, you know what's going on here. So they work you to the bone and. When economic situations I had so I had to work that time, but again, it was making me tired and even my wife is realizing that at the time, you know, again, this was darker.


So, yeah. So this is something I know a lot of people are overwhelmed by their workload. And and I know sometimes you even fall into that trap. I did this for a little bit where I was doing work that I was a little overwhelmed by it. And then so I just went more into, OK, I just have to put my nose down and really just. Not accepted, but just determined, OK? Well, that's the way it's going to be at some point.


It sounds like you made a shift, but I don't really talk to you. There are also some variables that shifted. What first of all, what motivated you to start pursuing this more seriously? What what triggered you to say, OK, I got to do something different about this, I've got to make a shift?


Well, the trigger was me finding the Podfest family and then running into one and only Wade Galt. And your panel that you had during that particular Podfest summit and you spoke my language 3-Day Weekend I began to dream. So you were offering an opportunity to learn how to possibly achieve that, at least, you know, create that roadmap, if you will, and you why not have reached out? And you set up the time and we spoke for a couple weeks, and here it is, folks, the Bible that I printed out my roadmap thanks to Mr.


G over here, that has helped me in that process to say, OK, let me not be afraid to have this conversation. I hope the opportunity arises. And guess what? That absolutely was arising, which was amazing. So it's like everything was falling into place for me. You know, this had to happen, apparently.


Awesome. So how did you a lot of people get concerned that if they bring this up with their employer, they're going to burn bridges or they're going to get fired or the employers, you get mad at them? How did it come up with you and how are you able to, you know, start this conversation?


Well, luckily, my company was moving over and got purchased by another company, if you will. So that company had a mentality of valuing time, family time, your time, especially time off, said, OK, here. So I'm here. I'm a top performer on my previous you know, I'm going to kick butt over here as well. I mean, they invited me over to join the company. So obviously that meant something big that obviously they understood that I do have a value.


So that's important. People know your value. So when the opportunity arose, like, what would you like to see happen here? OK, so the question was laid out. Hey, no fear. Jump, folks. Well, I want to perform. I could do the same amount of work in four days, you know. I mean, in the equal 40, I'll do the law says if I have to, you know, 10 hours, if for four days, give me that three day week, I perform the same or even better, you know.


And it's true. I could I see I see my numbers and, you know, I murder it and it's great. And I'm able to prove that. So they considered it and I just consider it. But they made it happen for me. And Wade, let me tell you. When I first had those first two days of that first those three days off for the first time ever over two years, I was anxious. I had no idea what to do with myself.


I'm like instead of me sitting in front computer, typing away, doing my job, taking care of our wonderful customers, like what do I do myself for a day? Oh, I get my work and I'm still like I do. I do as wonderful, you know. But then obviously I plan things out. I figured I could do things for Comic Crusaders. I could not take care of the house, care of family, do things for them, I mean, and take care of me and have some value time.


I hate to use them like so and so that what's I guess what's yours I to take care of my mom and I, they are all sorts of amazing people like yourself and others create those opportunities for myself on my days off. Also that way I don't have to hurt my time for work and I work with work at work and you know, but I could utilize my time so much better now. And I feel relaxed again. I think color coming back to work, that is most people I know now.


That's awesome. Yeah, I think that's that's a few things. The pace is huge when you start getting to have things go at a more natural pace, smoother pace. I noticed you mentioned something your employer had. It sounds like some sort of metric to validate that you're doing your work. And then also you had some sort of reputation that preceded you, that you were known as a top performer. How did that make the conversation easier with your employer?


I mean, did they get a lot of resistance or do they say, oh, hey, as long as you can do this, we're up for it?


No, they knew they saw through my time on the other that I am a person that could do those, you know, that I was a long term or long shifter, that that I excelled in those times. So I was like, why not have a high performance person, a high performance shift, you know, and get them the time? Why not? If they need me, they could feel free to reach out. But it's one thing all the time because they value time off what value this company has for me.


And that's also important when you work with if your company values you and values family values, for example, then I mean, they will listen to you, especially if you are performing and not on the values of people. It's key. Be confident in the conversation.


Yeah, I think that's, you know, one of the things I just remind people of and sometimes people forget is if you're an employee, you might not understand what a big deal it is to an employer. When they lose a good person to try to replace a good person. It's very costly. Whatever that person's monthly salary is, it might take them three or four or five months to find somebody. So they're losing that money and then it takes about another 50 percent of whatever that salary is to then train, have somebody else taking their time out of their day to train that person.


So it's very costly and it's not a trust trust. You know, it's going to take time for the employer. Again, I have to trust someone else, and especially when you're valued. I mean, I had employers cry when I had jobs left us, but there was a broken my heart because they were good people. So I've always worked with people that were entrepreneurs. I mean, this is the first time I really worked in corporate again since high school.


Otherwise, I've worked always with entrepreneurs. So I've always had a special relationship with the people. Maybe that's why I enjoy talking to so many people, because I've spoken to those that have been on that journey.


Absolutely. So now, other than, you know, you said you have more time to get the big TV some time, how does that feel? Just in general, different as far as your ability as a provider, as a person in a family to be able to connect with your family more? What's that like?


Well, it's wonderful to be able to have family time, a family dinner. You know, again, we want to go sit family dinners at the sofa, as was something cool, a create something cool that my daughter will connect to. And it's just fun. We have those moments now. You know, where I'm not thinking about work. I'm nothing about anything. It's just, you know, taking in that moment, being in the moment with your family and getting scared or laughing with somebody jumps for no reason.


You know, it's terrible. It's just the small things man matter so much to be able to have it after not having it. I've been through a lot almost with my wife. You know, five years ago, she got sick as well as we know. Another reason why I was wanting for a while, you know, I wasn't there. So there were so many scares. We've hit so many bottles and it's been a long journey, but I've never, ever given up, you know, my vision of my dream, wanting to do something bigger.


And this year as an opportunity is opening left and right. So, you know, God's good. Let me tell you, you just keep doing what you do, be righteous and what you do and stay focused on what you do. And you got this.


Yeah. I think what's so amazing to me is that you're also doing this Comic Crusaders and share a little bit more about that now because you have this business that is this this more than just a fan site, more than just comics. It's it's really bringing together a lot of creators, making a lot of things happen. How does your current situation help you with your side-hustler? And share a little bit about Comic Crusaders, if you don't mind, Comic Crusaders.


The website is all about kind of pop culture, pop culture. It's fandom. It's a love letter to fandom. I have everything kind of books, movies, film. I mean, we speak to everybody I've met Carson podcast's a part of that. You know, I get a lot of great content and previews from Marvel DC for you fans out there, that stuff. But we definitely celebrate a lot of independents, a lot of the guys that are up and coming, the guys and gals.


So we showed them a lot of love. And it's wonderful for me to be able to receive email. That sounds like, oh, please, we would love to be with by you guys. Yeah, we will be honored. You know how movies like why but why does it. Because I've got an amazing family of team members willing Comic Crusaders are international. And believe it or not, I found them all socially, you know, and I have contributors from the UK as my boy Donoghue's.


I mean, my EIC has been with me the longest over two thousand contributions, sort of say amazing person. Yeah. My amazing writer is The Machine we call him that's UK. And I have people in Ireland and in Australia, all over the US. I mean, it's amazing. The community and family we've built, you know, through Comic Crusaders and on the cover case was the podcast network that fell onto my lap that I allowed my team to run and build upon their particular podcast for their fandoms.


You know, it's amazing, it's fun. And we do it in a positive way to get away. No politics, folks. I promise you, it's all fun. Get away with it. You know what I love, Alex. You have such such a focus on family. And you and I connected through Podfest, which is an awesome family of people that just support each other, support other creators and sharing their voices. And it seems like that's a lot of what you're doing with your work.


And again, I think it's so cool that you can have something that's so you're not choosing your you're doing both. You're finding a way to do your passion. You're finding a way to pay the bills and find and we make time for, like, you know, three. And I think so many people think that that's not possible. And right now, it's perhaps never been easier. It's still work, but it's never been. More flexible to make that happen.


What are your long term plans with your work with Comic Crusaders and just everything else in general?


Well, I hope that Comic Crusaders could take over the work one day and that way that my passion becomes my full time. You know, how so? Well, connecting with the right network of people. And I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of very creative folks that have led me to have opportunities to have conversations that could lead to very big things, you know, God willing. And hopefully I got a couple of things in the works there and trying to make this you know, this might be that one stop shop.


I have an app in the works for Comic Crusaders to be a one stop app available to Android and iOS, for example. You get on the podcast there on the webcast, the website news, you know, personal chats, events through the app. I mean, it's going to be amazing. So it's about growing and trying to monetize it in a good way. I'm also working on a comic shop. My boy is my partner. So we're going to have a Comic Crusaders PodMatch where you can preorder your favorite comics Wade.


So, yeah. And see what I love about this. This is to me, though, you're willing to do the work. So, so many people doing this do it, you know, Comic Crusaders for years. And so when it takes off and I think that's going to be the case for you, when it's not going to be that this just happened one day or you went to one course and all of a sudden I know you've been doing the work and yeah, you might have gotten some insight.


Maybe you got some insight for me. Got some, I'm sure, insight from a lot of other people as well. What would you advise people to do who want to start moving towards achieving just the basics of, hey, I want to have more time off, when you look at what you did, you know, you were competent, you were already getting results. What would you be telling people if they wanted to open up this kind of conversation and where they work?


Well, I have to use your metrics. So if you have metrics, you use that use that as your leverage. Hey, look how well I performed was. I mean, I have an extra day maybe here or here actually is going to work in the benefit. I mean, I perform those time open. Why not? You could shift around here and here. I mean, leverage, leverage what? You know, levels of knowledge around the company.


You could do it. And again, it's just not having the fear does get over that. I know a lot of us are introverts and are afraid to take that step. But again, you do look at the enterprise was the answer. But even when I work and it takes something like that, I'm Al Mega the extrovert. Let's get it done. Even if we got to go that far, even created a persona for yourself to make. You know, that's why from Wade Galt to Mr.


Jeff Harry, you know, the super persona over here. So, yeah, do what you gotta do it. Just go for it. Don't be afraid. That's right. Yeah.


And I just love you've done it. I know you're, you know, your tone with people in the way you're respectful towards people of saying, hey, this is what's important to me. This is supposed to be really great. If I could do this. And when you back that up with results, I think that's a lot easier to do. Absolutely. Where can people learn more about your work?


Well, you can just check me out, check out my website, my, my my awesome website at Comic Crusaders dot com. You can check out my extended podcast Family on the cover of caves dot com. Check out our YouTube. We have shows coming from my family and I'm on a one on one with my partner from Australia. So and that one is a cool on your appreciate the name. So, you know, I'm always saying way up.


All right. So apparently the Australian version of a website is Ariana. So we've come up with the show name the year now where partial. That's awesome. So we have a blast just talking about nothing. So meaning we cover everything and it's fun. So we do it every Saturday night. And my family does all types of shows covering film, classic film, old comic books, new comic books. You know what? You know, we got it all, folks.


And again, it's all fun, is knowledgeable. You learn a lot. My team, international Comic Crusaders that I'm also on every other Sunday, which is people comic history. So you want to know the OG's of comics and who did what when I see every other Sunday.


Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us. Now, for those you'll get to know, while he is a lively personality, his work is awesome. And I hope his insights can help you start understanding and just believing that it's possible for you to create the type of work situation, the lifestyle you want, enjoy your family, your friends and your life a lot better. Thanks so much for joining us today.


Oh, no, thank you. I appreciate it, Wolf. Where Podfest the dumbest awesome event this great.


Absolutely. Thanks, brother.



Al "Mega" Perez

Founder of Comic Crusaders, 3-Day Weekend Employee, & Side-Hustler

Al started Comic Crusaders - a passion-driven side-hustle/hobby - over 15 years ago to "To Inspire & Nurture Geek Culture 1 Fan at a Time!" and to run events that raise money for causes he believes in.

Like every great superhero, Al has a mild-mannered (though emotionally excitable and loud-spoken) alter ego - who does meticulous customer support for various companies.

Recently, Al decided he was ready to make more time for family, friends, and life.