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Wendy Nash

Wendy Nash is a Meditation Coach. The company name says it all: Kindly Cut The Crap. Wendy teaches startup founders and CEOs the art of introspection to navigate the emotionally, physically and financially taxing process of building a business. She believes the CEO is the foundation of whether a company does well and her observation is that whatever the CEO isn't owning within themselves is what gets played out at work. Her approach is to be kind and direct in order to see what’s hidden in the blind spot.
Wendy has a 4-year somatic psychotherapy diploma, her Bachelor of Psychology Honors thesis studied the effects of loving-kindness meditation on prosocial behavior and she’s been practicing loving-kindness and other meditations for almost 20 years. She is currently studying a 2-year diploma of Mindfulness & Compassion at the Insight Meditation Institute.

Dec. 16, 2022

192. The Art of Introspection with Wendy Nash

Learn to look inside yourself for peace, guidance, and direction to help you clarify what is useful and what isn't in your life (know what to spend time on and how).

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