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Tatiana Tsoir

CPA/ Author/ Speaker/ Breakthrough Advisor

Tatiana Tsoir is a Business Breakthrough Coach, empowerment author, and speaker and helps women go after their bold dreams so that they can be their own boss and make money doing what they love. In her signature mastermind program ‘Something That’s Yours’, she supports women in learning to color outside the lines (except for the financial ones!) and re-discover that warrior girl she always had inside.

Tatiana is CPA and a Numbers Expert and helps small business owners take charge of their numbers, take back their time and work less, make more, and take more time off. In her book “Dream Bold, Start Smart”, Tatiana provides the reader with simple and actionable steps that help take the anxiety out of starting a business.

Feb. 15, 2022

149. Be the Boss of Your Bottom Line with Tatiana Tsoir

How to price for profit, set up for lower taxes, and become your cash flow master.

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