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Ellen Palmer

Speaker, CEO, Award-Winning Coach, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Co-Founder & COO at Healing Meals Community Project

Ellen Palmer is an award-winning Certified Holistic Health & Life Design Coach + COO and Co-Founder of Healing Meals Community Project.
Prior to launching her own successful businesses, she enjoyed a 10-year career in Sales and Marketing for one of the world’s premier insurers and Fortune 100 companies.
After leaving her corporate career to focus on her own wellbeing, Ellen created The Ideal Life Method, which has helped thousands of people transform their busy lives, take control of their health and happiness, and develop the skills to create lasting change for themselves, their families and in their businesses.

Jan. 27, 2022

143. Your Pathway to Freedom - Creating a Foundation for Health, Happ…

How to leverage your time and energy to maximize fun, connectedness, health and success.

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