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Angela Barnard

Communications Consultant & Trainer | Career Alignment Coach | Host of The Intentional Mind Podcast

Angela Barnard is a Career Alignment Coach who helps people transition into a career that is more in alignment with who they want to be and achieve their biggest goals by developing the mindset, habits and systems they need to make the progress they want to. She lives in a tiny house community in South Carolina and is the host of The Intentional Mind Podcast, a podcast all about intentionally designing your life using the power of your mind, faith and energy. When she isn’t coaching or podcasting, you can find her doing communications consulting with the U.S. Army, hiking or traveling galore with her husband.

Jan. 4, 2022

140. How to Design Your Life in Alignment with Your Values - Angela B…

Be intentional in the way you shape your life & advocate for the activities you wish to do and the outcomes you hope to have.

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