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Zsófia Banyai Profile Photo

Zsófia Banyai

Operational Outsourcing Manager | COO | Online Business Manager

Zsófia Banyai is the founder of Myprocesses, and she helps busy entrepreneurs to automate and outsource their time consuming tasks without sacrificing their profit.

If you are looking to make the 4 hour work week a reality, or simply avoid burnout, then she has a lot to tell you.

She has degrees in History and Finance plus corporate-world experience that enables her to look at business problems in a different light.

She believes entrepreneurs should not be the employees of their company…

And while Burnout is a real problem for business owners, with carefully set processes (SOPs) and efficient outsourcing they can avoid such break down, or they can even achieve the dream of 4-hour work week.

As an operational outsourcing manager she maps out processes to spot tasks for automation and outsourcing, and also handles the whole process with backup solutions and training as well to make outsourcing safe and affordable.

Nov. 27, 2020

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