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Milena Regos

Founder Unhustle®| Empowering high performers and teams to uplevel well-being + potential + fulfillment | LifeWorkPlay Designer

Milena Regos deconstructs how we live, work and play. As the founder of Unhustle she’s on a mission to replace Hustle Culture with Human Culture and inspire type-A overachievers to create sustainable Live Work Play Design for relaxed success. Speaker at World Economic Forum | Entrepreneur Leadership Contributor

Milena Regos is an international speaker, founder of Unhustle®, and ex award-winning marketer, on a mission to inspire people to a new way to live, work and play for sustainable success without sacrifices through delivering content and transformational experiences to innovative leaders and organizations. She also hosts The Unhustle Podcast.

Milena Regos, founder of Unhustle® is a rebel entrepreneur on a mission to inspire 100 million people to change the way they work, live and play, a counterintuitive but science-based approach to the burnout Hustle Culture. Unhustle has been called “Amazing” by Arianna Huffington (Founder and CEO of Thrive Global) and “Legendary” by Christopher Lochhead (#1 Apple Business Podcaster). Milena has spoken on global stages like the World Economic Forum and Wisdom2.0. Her work has been featured in CNN Business, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine and multiple podcasts, like Deloitte’s WorkWell. She believes that when you focus on well-being, resilience, and purpose you can tap into higher creativity, productivity, and optimal performance.

She lives the Unhustle values between Lake Tahoe and Baja with her Australian husband and Mexican rescue dog.

May 31, 2022

169. Unhustle to Create Sustainable Life, Work, and Play with Milena …

How to create more impact with less effort & work.

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