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Joy Gandell

Critical Life Skills, Parenting & Learning Coach; Podcast Host, Speaker & Pediatric Cancer & Neurodiversity Advocate.

Joy Gandell is an ex-HR self-employed consultant turned critical life skills, parenting & learning coach and is the host of the Being With Joy: A Quest To Crack The Parenting Code Podcast. 

Joy has been in the workforce for over 20 years, for the past 11 years, Joy has been self-employed so that she can prioritize what's most important to her, her family. 

She believes you do not have to work a straight 9 - 5 + OT job to earn a good salary and have more balance in your life.

Dec. 21, 2021

138. How 3-Day Weekends Can Help You Prioritize Your Work & Relations…

Learn the skills you need to be productive during a shortened week. Joy is a committed professional & parent who has taken on the…

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