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July 26, 2022

175. Our Most Magical Moments in Life are Often Unplanned

So often, we try to control life because we think we know what's best for us. This leads us to want to control almost everything and leaves out many (often better) possibilities for us. If we can balance planning and reason with trust and intuition, we can make room for magic in our lives.

So often, we try to control life because we think we know what's best for us. This leads us to want to control almost everything and leaves out many (often better) possibilities for us. If we can balance planning and reason with trust and intuition, we can make room for magic in our lives.



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Over most exciting moments in life. Our most joyous moments in life are probably not happening on social media. We're not recording them. We're not posting them. And the same is true of others.


I encourage you to consider as you're living your life, that we don't have to post out or try to prove something to other people. And additionally, when we are so focused on what we can cover and what we can hashtag and what we could post out and get likes and all the other things that help us feel good about ourselves that we might be missing out on the present moment. So there's this idea of how do you live a life that's spontaneous and how do you enjoy that? And at the same time, how do you live in a way that allows you to have a stable and a steady life? Now, on the business side, usually the more exciting things you do make less money, at least until you figure them out.


And then when you figure them out, well, now they're not as excited anymore. So sometimes from an entrepreneurial standpoint, your most exciting things make the least amount of money, and your least exciting things make the most amount of money or the steadyst amount of money. Well, similarly, in our personal lives, if we can let go of the need to video record everything, to try to make things happen, to stage things, to set things up a certain way, there is a magic that can take place in life that allows you to experience things you had never even thought of. And a lot of it comes down to how you view the world and how you view life and whether or not you believe that there are benevolent forces or benevolent force working in your favor. And so in my understanding, in my experience, when I can be open to things being even better than I imagined, magic sometimes happens.


And that doesn't mean I don't plan. I do plan. I'm just open for something different. On the flip side, some of my worst financial mistakes, some of my worst relationship decisions, some of my biggest arguments with people I love are when I've gotten really rigid and fixed and things have to be a certain way, and they have to be my way, and I'm so right, and I'm so certain. And again, a lot of this has to do with how we can deal with not controlling things.


Can we be okay with that? Can we flow with life? And as somebody who does videos, obviously we want things to look great. It's great if all the hairs are in place and that sort of stuff. But also, some of our most sincere messages come to us when we're not obsessed about the way we look.


Some of our most magical moments in life are not planned. As John Lennon said in his song, life is what happens while we're busy making other plans. And so I encourage you as you live your life this week, to continue to share the wonderful things going on on social media, to continue to share your message and your work in ways that inspire people. And yes, if you completely flood something, it's probably a good idea to rerecord it at the same time. Don't get too caught up.


Don't get too worried about all the different things that go on, because that seat right there. Perfection can be an enemy of progress. And there's that saying that done is better than perfect. And if we focus too much on making things picture perfect, we can miss out on life, we can miss out on connecting with people in ways that are real, because then it starts to feel almost too perfect to stage, and we can just actually miss out on something that could be better for us than we ever imagined. So I hope you, your loved ones, your work are doing awesome, as always.


I look forward to helping you impact more people with your message, with your work, and make more money and less time doing what you do best. I invite you in this upcoming week to be open to magic, to be open to spontaneity, to things that you didn't plan. And I'd also love to hear, if you put in the comments section, what are some of the most exciting things or most important things that have happened in your life that you didn't plan? Thanks again, as always, for listening, for helping you create the life and the lifestyle you most desire. Have a good one.


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