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April 20, 2023

200. The 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur's Book of Wisdom

A Simple Guide to Create More Impact, Income, Freedom, and Fun by Wade Galt

A Simple Guide to Create More Impact, Income, Freedom, and Fun by Wade Galt








Hi, my name is Wade Galt. I'm a 20 plus year entrepreneur, author, speaker, and a three day weekend coach. I help overworked, family focused entrepreneurs to create more impact, income, and freedom in their work so they have the time to fully enjoy their family, their friends, and their life. Over the years of my journey, I've worked with many clients, helping them create the impact they desire for the clients they serve, create more income to support their family, their goals, and their dreams, and then also more opportunities for them to enjoy life and time outside of work. In this book, The 3 Day Weekend entrepreneur's Book of Wisdom, I'm going to share with you as simply and concisely as possible what I've learned. And rather than speaking to you as a consultant telling you exactly what to do, or speaking to you as a coach who's asking you lots of questions, I'm going to simply use this as an opportunity to share with you things that from what I can tell are simply true. I'm going to suggest that with each one of the chapters in this, that you simply let it digest. You take time with it, you read it.


If you need to let it sink in, if it sparks thoughts for you, let those thoughts go where they may. And so this is not one of those things where you rush through the book and say, Yes, I rushed through it and I got it. It's more one of those things that you might look at multiple times or read multiple times, or listen to multiple times and each time have something deeper come from it. So I hope you enjoy this. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this. I've worked with many clients who've simply heard some of my ideas and been able to create an abundant and sustainable four day work week, three day weekend lifestyle, or something similar, whatever they most like. And so this is my attempt to help you get there simply by shifting your thinking without there being coaching exercises or coaching programs or workbooks or anything like that. There are certain authors that have helped me at times simply by their insights to make shifts in my life, and I'm hoping to do that for you. The Three Day Weekend entrepreneur's book of wisdom, a simple guide to create more impact, income, freedom, and fun.


The Path to abundant three day weekends is comprised of 12 steps. First, write your own life. Second, eliminate complexity and drama. Third, attract epic clients. Fourth, outgrow undesirable clients. Fifth, do your three most genius activities. Sixth, drop your dudwork. Seventh, design huge impact high income offers. Eighth, eliminate low ROI investments. Nine, make memories every week. Ten, leverage technology to increase productivity. Elevate, integrate your soul work. Twelfth, create freedom with freelancers. A more abundant path. If you could design your life, how abundant would it be? Would you struggle to pay your bills like so many do? Would you accept 50 to 60 hours work weeks as your default? Would you tolerate a constant feeling of overwhelm? Or would you try until you created something different? Results, not hard work, are the primary cause of impact and income. Effort is necessary. Struggle is optional. Your clients do not care if you suffer or bleed to serve them. They want the transformation you offer, not your story or drama. You can create impact, income, freedom, and fun if you choose. Part One of 3, Freedom. What does freedom mean to you? How would you invest your time if you had all the money you need?


Who would you spend more time with? What activities and experiences would you enjoy more often? Where would you travel and who would you visit? What relationship obligations would you reduce or eliminate? How would you serve the world and who would you help? Which clients would no longer be in your life? You can do many of these right now without earning more money. Are you ready to start choosing the life you most desire? Step one, write your own life. Only you can define your most desired life. Living another's definition of success virtually guarantees failure. You are a unique divine creation. Copycat templates will not lead to your fulfillment. You have a unique purpose that must be lived and unique gifts that must be cultivated if you wish to experience the joy of meaningful living. Decide what is most important to you. Focus on your divinely inspired purpose and dreams. Sleep well each night knowing you're authentically you. Step two, eliminate complexity and drama. Few relationships can fully support your goals and dreams. Most people are preoccupied with finding their own path. Many want to help you on your journey but are unable. Some are jealous of your clarity of purpose.


Others are burdened by self absorption, addiction, or distraction. A select few have the desire and ability to assist you. There is no need to make anyone wrong, nor is there a need to argue or fight. Simply let go of the relationships that hinder you, then watch complexity and drama exit your life. Step three, attract epic clients. Right now, someone is feverishly searching for your work. They already know what their life is painfully missing. They know they need help and are willing to invest time and money. They actively seek guidance, insight, and leadership, but they don't know how to do it alone. The student desperately seeks the teacher. Your ideal client is ready to engage with you. How ready are you to serve them? How many of them cannot find you right now? How can you make yourself obvious to them? Step 4, outgrow undesirable clients. Few are truly your ideal clients. Some want to be but aren't ready. Most don't want to do the required work. Many are paralyzed by their fear of change. Others don't believe in their abilities. Such people can kill your dreams and your business, unintentionally, innocence, slowly, painfully, completely. Outgrow these people or suffer their fate.


Do this lovingly, kindly, happily, gently, and constantly. Burn no bridges. Today's undesirable might be tomorrow's ideal. Part two of three, income. What would your best life look like? How much money would you need to abundantly enjoy it? Do you want to have world class team members and partners? What type of compensation opportunity do such people seek? Would you love to have high quality, high paying customers? What high income results and experiences would they gladly purchase? You don't need all the money in the world to fully enjoy the journey. The unfocused and the addicted seek endless income growth. But even children know that limitless sweets upset the stomach. Know what you want, do the work, enjoy the process and the rewards. Step five, do your three most genius activities. What if you truly are an unconditionally cherished divine creation? Might your talents and limitations have a purpose? What if the world needs you to be your best self? How will humankind be diminished by a failure to maximize your gifts? Believing you are not special will serve no one. Giving into your doubts will not improve the world. Plain small will not help others feel bigger.


Do your highest and best activities as often as possible. Help others find, develop, and do their genius activities. What a paradise the world will be when everyone shares their genius. Step six, drop your dud work. Being busy is not the same as being effective. More is not better. Better is better. To do your best work, let go of all nonessential activity. If your ideal client doesn't care about it, it's probably nonessential. If ideal prospects don't ask about it, it's probably nonessential. If it's not worth mentioning in your offer, it's probably nonessential. Many tasks feel like work but are unproductive. Only discuss, perform, market, and sell essential work. It's better for you to rest seven hours and do one hour of essential work than for you to do 10 hours of nonessential work. Step 7, design huge impact, high income offers. Deliver transformational results. Help others positively impact their businesses and lives. Would a divinely created being be given an insignificant purpose? Are your talents and genius meant to be withhelded from the world? Low impact work is not worth doing. Transformational offers and results multiply abundance. Your clients receive gifts to share with family and friends.


Team members and partners get to share in this abundance. You earn abundantly enough to reinvest in bettering your work. Deliver huge impact results for your clients and charge accordingly. Step eight, eliminate low ROI investments. The entrepreneurial road to failure is paved with poor investment choices. Most investments are not worth making. Most advertising campaigns will fail. Most partnership opportunities are a waste of time. Most brilliant ideas are not what they seem. Blind entrepreneurial optimism is a sign of violent killer of businesses and dreams. Drop or pause any investment that proves to be unproductive. Avoid unproven long term investment contracts and commitments. Conduct small experiments with money and time you can afford to lose. Take informed risks. Measure outcomes mercilessly. Repeat what works. Part 3 of 3, Fun. What is your definition of fun? And where did you get it? Do you know what truly fulfills you and leads to your happiness? How often is fun built into your default weekly schedule? You brush your teeth religiously to protect and care for them. You eat and sleep regularly to fuel your body. What are you doing regularly to engage your spirit and your soul? Fun is not the only measure of a good life, but it is a critical one.


How meaningful is your success if you have no time for fun? How enjoyable are your relationships if you never play or laugh? Be like a child. Require fun in your life. Seek it out for its own end. Step nine, make memories every week. Few things in life compare with time with loved ones and doing what you love. Most transformational experiences and relationships don't just happen. Plan your life with the love and care that a bride to be gives her wedding. Schedule time for unforgettable experiences in your calendar. If it's not in your calendar, it likely won't happen. Is it worth 15 minutes of preparation per week to co create your best life? Schedule time for magic outside of work and do the same inside work. Your business place can also be a place to make memories. Making memories is not simply collecting a bunch of photos. It is being 100 % present to people, experiences, and opportunities around you. Step 10, leverage technology to increase productivity. Multipplie your results, efficiency, and productivity with technology. Technology alone will rarely create value by itself. You must first deliver value to the people you serve. First, ignite your creativity with action to create results.


Then amplify positive outcomes with technology. Automate productive processes with technology. Let technology's consistency and timeliness help you deliver the same. An author can write a book once and let printing presses duplicate it. You receive inspiration, tap into creativity, and connect relationships. Technology can help you multiply and amplify the impact and income. Step 11, integrate your soul work. What good is it to earn abundantly if you lose your connection to soul? Humans are far more than mere automated machines. We can safely and passionately live our lives as if we have no purpose, or we can risk believing our lives have a divinely inspired meaning. Even if we don't believe in the divine, we can believe in our purpose. Those who believe life is purpeless usually live accordingly. An actor must act. A painter must paint. A teacher must teach. Not all soul work makes money. Not all work that makes money is soulful. To live soulfully, we must do our soul work, whether we get paid or not. We can bring soulful energy to our work, whether it earns money or not. Step 12, create freedom with freelancers. You should not do everything in your business if you wish to grow.


Most tasks can be done better by someone else. Delegate small, affordable tasks to free up time. Invest found time into huge impact, high income work. Reinvest extra income to delegate more tasks and free up more time. Invest this found time into rest, relaxation, fun, and adventure. Increased focus on work days will create even greater abundance. Share this abundance as you build your team and your business. Create more free time to save your life and more abundance to enjoy it. Help your team do the same as you grow your impact, business, and legacy. Start imperfectly today. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Anything worth doing well is worth doing imperfectly until mastered. Few great achievements happen by themselves or overnight. World class performers make and correct thousands of mistakes. The imperfect few enjoy life's rewards while perfectionists sit paralyzed. Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner. The imperfect performer knows a life the harsh critic only dreams of living. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take your first imperfect step today and tomorrow another. Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the journey. Love yourself at every step. Three day weekend entrepreneur game plan call.


If you're an entrepreneur making your target income and looking to create more time to enjoy family, friends, freedom, and life, a game plan call can give you the strategy you need. We'll design your game plan to achieve your three day weekend or similar lifestyle so you can create the impact, income and lifestyle you most desire. Then you can decide if you want to implement the plan on your own or with our help. You can also create your plan with the self study course if you prefer. Go to 3d Ailey gameplan. Com to start. I hope this inspires you to see a possibility for your life that is far greater than what you're currently living. For most of us, it's possible to create greater impact for our clients. And if we can do that, we can generate more abundance for ourselves, our team members, our families, and to deliver better for the people we serve. That creates a virtuous circle of service and abundance. And if we're intentional about how we do thatand how we invest our time, we can make time for life's most enjoyable and memorable experiences. The way you choose to create it might look different.


You might not want a three day weekend. You might simply want to be able to be present for the most important experiences in the lives of your friends, your family, your children. I hope this inspires you to move forward powerfully and step into the gifts you have, the genius you have, the purpose you have that can help the world greater and create better income opportunities for your clients, your family, for yourself, and for the world. If there's anything I can do to help you, if you have any feedback, please let me know. As always, I look forward to helping you create greater impact with your gifts and your work, and greater income to share with your team members, your family, the people around you, the world with the charities you support, and do this in less time so you can fully enjoy your family, your friends, your freedom, and your life. Thanks so much for listening. I look forward to hearing about your progress and how I can serve you. God bless.

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Wade Galt

Author, Podcast Host & 3-Day Weekend Coach for Entrepreneurs & Employees


With over 30 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, I teach fundamentally sound strategies to help people Make More Money… In Less Time… Doing What They Do Best.
• I help Employees, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners create a sustainable 3-Day Weekend lifestyle.
• Insurance Agency Owners follow my strategies for sales process implementation plus recruiting & accountability enforcement.
• I've been a successful software company founder and owner for over 20 years.

I help people connect with the divinity within, so they can
1. Receive Guidance and Support from the Divine to Create the Life They Most Desire
2. Love Themselves the Way the Divine Loves Us
3. Love Others the Way the Divine Loves Us

I've led retreats and personal growth workshops, authored numerous books on spirituality, personal growth, finance, parenting, business growth & more.

Pulling from 15 years' experience as a productive employee and over 15 years as a software company founder & owner, corporate consultant, sales process implementation coach, accountability expert, recruiter of superstar talent, provider of mental health counseling (psychology) services, life coach and 3-day weekend entrepreneur - I teach others to create the life they most desire personally & professionally.

As a former Fortune 50 corporation software project leader and sales & management trainer, I've been a lifestyle solopreneur since the year 2000.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Auburn University, a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and have earned the CLU & CPCU professional insurance industry designations. I also successfully qualified to be a Certified Integrative (Life) Coach with the Ford Institute.


I enjoy 3-day weekends, Friday's at the beach playing volleyball with friends, + weekends with my family.

My family and I have enjoyed living ocean-side in North America and South America while creating books, software and coaching programs to help fellow entrepreneurs.

I live happily with my wife, children & dog.