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Feb. 14, 2022

148. Happy Valentine’s Day - How Is Love Working In Your Life?

How well are you loving yourself in your work and outside of work? How well are you loving & helping your clients, and how well are they loving & supporting you?

How well are you loving yourself in your work and outside of work? How well are you loving & helping your clients, and how well are they loving & supporting you?








Are loving yourself? Is the way you're investing your time, the relationships you're involved in, the way you have free time outside of work? Is that nurturing you? Is that loving you? Is that providing you what you most desire?


Hey, everybody. Hope you are doing awesome. Happy Valentine's Day. I hope all is well with you, your work, your loved ones. Today, at least in the United States, it's Valentine's Day.


I think it's that case in most parts of the world. And today we celebrate love. Well, I'm hoping that you are loving yourself. And so I have three simple questions that I invite you to consider not only for today, but for the upcoming year and just everything going forward with your business and your life. The first question is, are you loving yourself? The way you're investing your time, the relationships you're involved in, the way you have free time outside of work?


Is that nurturing you? Is that loving you? Is that providing you what you most desire? Sometimes we need to trade off money for what we want most. We might not need to trade off power for what we want most, but there are certain things that might nurture us.


Now, money can be awesome, and the power to influence people and help people can be awesome as well. So it's not meant to say that one is bad or good or the other. But just again, checking in, how well are you loving yourself and how well is the way you're treating yourself, allowing you to be nurtured and to grow into the person you most hope to be and the person you most hope to share with the world? And that leads to the second question, how well are you loving the people you serve? Now, you might or might not realize this, but that ties into our first question of how well are you loving yourself?


Just like the oxygen mask example of when you fly on a plane, they say make sure you put on your own oxygen mask first if something happens before you help others. We also need to make sure that we are nurturing ourselves and loving ourselves. And once we're doing that, then our cup is full, our tank is full, and we can share that with others. So I encourage you to consider second, how well are you loving the people that you serve, your clients, the people who you connect with, the people you're looking to work with? Are you giving your best to them?


And are you able to give your best to them? And is that allowing you to show up in the way you most desire and give the gifts and share the gifts of your life and your work and your purpose with the people in your life? And then third, how well are the people who you are serving loving you back? Are the people you're serving really responding to what you do? And some of this has to do with whether or not you've gotten clear about who your ideal target market is or the people you can best serve.


And part of this is just human interactions. Are you working with people who, regardless of your field, Regardless of whether you're doing exactly what you love right now or not as work? Are you being treated well? Are you being treated kindly? And are the people you serve coming back to you with kindness?


And hopefully a lot of that's being generated because of how you're treating them or if they're not coming back to you with kindness or if they're kind of coming back to you with nothing or that pathetic. Is that perhaps reflective of what you're offering now? Realistically, most people don't invest a whole lot of time as clients, Making sure that they communicate to the people who serve them. So sometimes we've got to take small amounts of feedback, and that can be a little dangerous because sometimes it's the extreme people that share with us that people either love us a lot or people who really don't like us share how they feel about us. And so sometimes we don't get to hear from just the average, everyday people that are really happy with what we do, but just don't really think to maybe communicate that to us.


But hopefully, if you're connecting well and you're communicating well with the people you serve, that they're able to then treat you well and treat you in a way that allows you to know that you are respected, that you are cared for, and that you appreciate it. So again, I invite you today to consider how well are you loving yourself? How well is your ability to love yourself, helping your ability to then serve your clients? So, number two, how well are you loving or serving the people that you serve? And number three, the connection to how well are they loving you back?


How well are they supporting you, sharing your work, Sending people your way, or giving your feedback of how you could do things better? I hope this serves you as I mentioned at the beginning, I hope you your loved ones, your work is just filled with love and joy and happiness and purpose and fulfillment and abundance. And as you're working towards that, if there's anything I can do to help you with that, Please let me know. Otherwise, have an awesome Valentine's day. Share some love, some smiles, all that good stuff.


And as always, look forward to helping you impact more people and make more money in less time. Do what you do best so you can better enjoy your family, your friends, and your life. Thanks so much for listening.


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