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Oct. 1, 2021

122. Your Ideal Default Weekend

Create a clear picture and vision of what you would love your weekend to look like on any weekend you’re not going on vacation or enjoying a holiday weekend, so your weekends become awesome without you having to plan them.

Create a clear picture and vision of what you would love your weekend to look like on any weekend you’re not going on vacation or enjoying a holiday weekend, so your weekends become awesome without you having to plan them.



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Hey, Wade Galt here. Hope you are doing awesome today. Have a very simple question for you to consider. What would your ideal default weekend look like? This is something that is that the foundation of the work we do at 3-day weekend club and 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur Academy.


We want to look at how would you like things to be? So if you think about it from an exercise standpoint, a health standpoint. If you eat well, if you exercise, you get lots of sleep. Those habits are going to serve you. You're going to create a default situation that creates high energy, great fitness, great strength.


And those habits make it easier for you to do that. In addition, the idea of it simply being a habit, something that you do on a regular basis makes it likely that you will repeat it over and over again without there having to be a whole lot of creativity of thinking or reinventing the wheel when it comes to our weekends, a lot of people get this just a lot more complex than it needs to be. So I happen to live in a part of the world where a lot of people like to come visit.


I live in Florida, and you'll find a lot of people that will come to Florida for one week out of the year and for 50 something weeks, they've been either cooped up or they've been working on have been stressed. They've been serious.


Maybe they'll even come here two weeks and they're trying to get a year's worth of relaxation done in seven to 14 days. And what that looks like is it's also stressful. It becomes this process where the person is trying so hard to have these relaxing days in this very short period of time and getting all these activities. And what happens is the experience can be good at times, but there's so much pressure on it that when it's good. Well, it's good and that's what they're expecting.


And when it's not perfect, when there's clouds in the sky, it happens to rain. One day, people have a really hard time with it. Compare that. On the other hand, too, if you have a weekend that just for the most part, you like, you really enjoy what you're doing other than, let's say, vacations or trips where you're enjoying something in addition to what you normally do. If your default weekend is something you really enjoy, for the most part, you're going to enjoy a huge part of your life.


So there's that very simple concept that if you're happy every day and if today you're happy and tomorrow you're happy and the next day you're happy, you're probably going to have a happy life. Similarly, if you can set up your weekends, whether they be one day weekends, two day weekends or three day weekends or longer, if you can set them up in such a way that you're getting to spend time with the people you enjoy most do the activities you enjoy most. Wade have some variety, so it might not be the same exact week every week, you might say, well, alternate weeks on Fridays is a social night we don't have to hang out with, let's say the same people every Friday.


But it might be the concept that there's something going on that social on Friday nights or whatever it might be that makes you happy, your loved ones, the activities you enjoy doing, the people you like to hang out with, having that be your default. So what I encourage you to do is start creating that.


Start writing that out. Now you can simply take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down Friday and Saturday and Sunday and write down what you'd like to see happen. If you're looking to have a three day weekend, you might even put Thursday in there to write down Thursday night what you'd be doing, and at what time you finish work, or if you'd like to go deeper into this, there's an exercise we have inside three day Weekend Club, which you can do, which is planning your ideal three day weekend lifestyle, the default weekend.


So you have that become something that is more part of your life, and so you will start out, let's say, at a certain point you're at .8 and your life is a certain way. And let's say there's ten things going on over your weekend, and maybe three of those things are the way you want.


And seven of those things you'd like to shift. Well, over time you start shifting those and maybe for the next 90 days you shift one thing. And so now you've got four things that are what you'd like to do over the weekend. We don't have to plan every single minute or every single hour. But the idea of the main things that are going on to be able to have that in your default and solely start moving in the direction you most desire.


It might take a year or two to get where you want, but you're gonna find once you start doing it, it's actually probably only going to take you a month or two to make one shift in your schedule, and you focus on keeping that and then you make another one. And pretty soon, whatever free time you have available again, whether it's one day, two days, three days, whatever it might be you're enjoying, and then you can start building upon that. So hope you find that helpful again.


That's a simple way to get started with us. If you'd like to learn more about how you can start clean the lifestyle you most desire, go to three day Weekend club.


Com and you can join our community and you can learn for free in the main part of it about your weekends and creating your three day weekend lifestyle. There's a lot of tools and exercises in there are free and you can just start creating what you'd like to see happen. And then if you like to go deeper as a three day weekend employee trying to make that happen or as an entrepreneur, there's premium Content we have that can help you that as well. So I hope you and your loved ones are doing great.


I hope everything is awesome in your world as always, look forward to helping you impact more people and make more money in less time.


Do what you do best so you can better enjoy your family, your friends and your life. Thanks so much for listening.