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Aug. 21, 2021

109. Are You Asking for What You Really Want?

Get clear about what you most desire so you can design the income and lifestyle opportunity that bests supports you.

Get clear about what you most desire so you can design the income and lifestyle opportunity that bests supports you.









In your current work situation, are you getting what you want? And if you're not getting what you want, are you asking for it? And so to take a step before that, do you even know what you want? Pc, welcome to the three day Weekend Entrepreneur podcast, where we help you create the personal and professional life you most desire, impact more people and make more money in less time. Do what you do best.


You can create the life you want outside of work and better enjoy your family, your friends and your life. God to three day Weekend Club com to join our community for free. Hey, everybody, I hope you are doing awesome. Wanted to share a very simple conversation you today. It's really more of a question.


Anything. Are you asking for what you want most out of life? Now? This is something that you've probably considered this question, if you've read self help books or non fiction books or you've ever watched YouTube video that's inspirational or done coaching. But this is something that a lot of people in the business world seem to lose sight of when they look at their lifestyle.


So a lot of people will focus on the income side of growth. They'll say. Wade, Look, I used to make, let's say $5 an hour. And then eventually I made $10 an hour. And then I kept growing.


And then I made $20 an hour or whatever the number might be. And I kept making more and more money as I grew. And then I reached a point where as I made more money, I started spending more money so I could enjoy the money. And so I kept just making more and more money. And I made sure, Wade, that as I was growing, that I was getting raises, I was getting recognition.


I was getting a chance to make more money, have a greater impact, perhaps have more power, more prestige, more benefits. And yet in this entire conversation, nowhere in there. God, I think about my free time. So here I am. Wade, I've been doing my career for 20 years, 30 years, and I still have two to three weeks of paid vacation.


Now, depending on where you are in the world, you might have much more than that. There are parts of the world where people have four weeks and six weeks and eight weeks of paid vacation simply because that's how their culture understands how free time should work. And of course, the businesses probably pay a little bit less. You still have to make enough money to afford this. It's not magic, but it is a sense of really looking at what you want most.


So what I encourage you to consider is right now in your current work situation, are you getting what you want? And if you're not getting what you want, are you asking for it? And so to take a step before that, do you even know what you want? And this is one of those questions that sometimes can go off onto one of these really intense visions where a person says, Wait, I'd love to make $20 million a year and this whole vision that is 100 steps removed from where they are.


When I say, what do you want?


I'm going to use the word want in the sense of want equals. I'm willing to do the work to get it, which is different than what do you wish for? I wish for that something would happen. I wish for things to be a certain way, but I really don't to do the work. Let's call that a wish.


But what you actually want to do that you're willing to put in the work, and that is reasonable within a one to two year period. I'm not saying you don't want to dream big, but we don't want to dream so big that we don't believe in it. And so we don't take action because it seems too crazy, too unlikely that it would happen. So encourage you just take a moment here and pause just for two to 3 seconds here. Take a deep breath in, take a deep breath out and just think what is different in your world than you would like it to be.


Wade word it differently. How could you improve things? How would you want your work situation to be better? How would you want your weekend situation be better? Your free time situation be better?


What would that look like? And after this, you can pause this later and take a while and write that out. What would it look like for things to be the way you want? So first, we've God to envision it and see it in some way. And this is a very common practice.


So this might be very common for you. The second thing then is to see, can you start communicating that are you asking the right person for that? If it's date night with your spouse or your partner, it might be that that's on your vision, but you need to ask them, hey, would you like to go out on the date sometime? If it is something that relates to a raise financially, you might need to talk to the person you work for. If you're an employee, or you might need to look at raising your prices.


If you're an entrepreneur, if it has to do with free time, it might be something as simple as looking at what would you like your schedule to be like and see how you can get there. And I encourage you to approach this as an economic adult. So an economic child will say something like, Will you please pay so that I can have more time off regardless of whether I make more money or not? That is an economic child view of the world. An economic adult says something like whether it be to your clients, if you're an entrepreneur or to your employer, if you work for somebody, what is it that I could do that would be worth X amount of money to you?


And I know by the way, that X amount of money means at a certain amount of money, I can afford my expenses because I've done the math. I've done the budging. I've thought it through of what I would need to create the lifestyle I want. And so I know how much money I need to make to make that happen, and I'm willing to ask for that. I'm going to ask for the opportunity to earn that, not to have it given to me, but the opportunity to earn it if I can hit certain results.


And so if I'm an employer, I would want somebody to come to me and say, I'm willing to get certain results. Mr. And Mrs. Employer, I hope they call me Mr. Employer because I'm a guy.


But anyway, I would want them to say, Would you get certain results? What results do you need in order for this to work? And I so I need these results in order for this to work. And if you can get these results, I can afford to not have you come in that fifth day of the week or whatever it might be. I can afford to have you take certain time off because it works financially.


And that's an adult conversation economically. And so what I encourage you to consider is take that time, write down what you'd like to see in your life that's different than now, and start looking at who it is that can help you make that happen. And what question can you ask to open the conversation, not to finish the conversation? So the question to your clients, if you're an entrepreneur, would be, hey, I'm currently doing X for you, and we know I make a certain amount for that. What else could I do for you that I'm not doing for you, that you'd be interested?


That would make a big difference in your world or in your life? And they might say, okay, these are these things. And then you can go deeper into what would that look like? So I encourage you to start asking for what you want. But first, start looking at what is it that could make that happen?


What is it that could be allowing you to make that possible? And how can you start a conversation that's not a one time conversation, but an ongoing conversation that involves you getting clear about what you want, finding out who are the people, the players that need that help from you, and how you can make that happen for them, and how you can connect those two to create the life, the lifestyle, the income, the free time that you most desire, as always, look forward to helping you help more people and make more money in less time.


Do what you do best so you can better enjoy your family, your friends, and your life. Thanks so much for listening. If you'd like, help and support creating your abundant and sustainable threeday weekend lifestyle.


God to threeday weekend club com whether you're an employee, an entrepreneur, a freelancer side hustler startup wherever you're at, we have a free community to help you get focused on making the most out of your personal life where you're supported and surrounded by people just like you. And then we have a premium community to help entrepreneurs who are starting their business and or growing the business to create that lifestyle. So if you're ready to help more people in less time doing what you do best and create the lifestyle you most desire so you can better enjoy your family, your friends in your life.


God to three day weekend club dot com Now, I look forward to meeting you in there, and I look forward to serving.


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