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Aug. 11, 2021

105. Put Your 3-Day Weekend Before Your Work

105. Put Your 3-Day Weekend Before Your Work

Rearrange your thinking process so you put your life before your work.

Rearrange your thinking process so you put your life before your work.

When we mentally put work first, we often don't have the energy to enjoy the parts of life we most enjoy & seek.

It's possible for us to enjoy our family, friends, and life... and still make a huge impact in other people's lives with our work... and generate a solid income.

Like anything else, we need to first imagine it and believe it's possible.

If we never change our thinking about our work schedule, it will likely never change.

Get some clear ideas on how you can start making the shift today.








What would be an awesome 3-Day Weekend for you, what would that look like? And maybe you first start out with an idea of what one awesome 3-Day Weekend would look like. What would you be doing on Friday? What would your schedule be? Who would you be hanging out with? What sort of activities would you be doing? And the same question for Saturday and for Sunday. And initially, that might be the first challenge just to come up with one of those.


And then the next challenge is to come up with what would the next one look like if the following weekend you had a three day weekend, what would you do? Welcome to the 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur podcast, where we help you create the personal and professional life you most desired, impact more people and make more money in less time doing what you do best so you can create the life you want outside of work and better enjoy your family, your friends and your life.


Go to to join our community for free. Today, I want to talk about something that is one of those things in life that is easy for us once we figure it out, but not so easy until we figure it out. It has to do with putting your 3-Day Weekend or your two day weekend or whatever is your lifestyle, your life, your personal life before your 4-Day Work Week or your five day work week or whatever it is that is your work.


Now, in the work that I do, I try to help entrepreneurs and professionals create an abundant and a sustainable 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle where their work is able to be done in four days. But some people like to do it differently. Some people like to work when their kids are in school or they prefer a shorter workday. That might be five or six hours a day, but five days a week. There's a lot of different ways it can be done.


The main focus is to see how can it be something that allows you to do the work you most enjoy and more importantly, enjoy life outside of work and have time for that time to enjoy that time to be present with the people who are most important to you. Time for you to enjoy the activities you love to do most, and time to just live life. And so what I want you to first consider is if you could not make any more money than you do now.


Or if you already had all your financial needs met and you were able to have a 3-Day Weekend for the rest of your life. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or if you prefer, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, but I'm going to talk Friday, Saturday, Sunday, just so it is simple for us to be on the same page. And so in your job, they've told you, hey, no matter what you do, you can't work Friday and you're not going to make any more money.


Or maybe there is some other reason we don't have to go to the emergency medical reasons, though those sometimes happen. But let's just think again, you're not going to be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What would you do with that time? And I encourage you to consider that for a moment and even pause this, if you like. Because the answer to that question really contains the prognosis or the predictor of whether or not you're going to create a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle.


When I talk to many entrepreneurs, they really have not come up with something that's exciting for them to do on the weekend. Sometimes it's because they're in a stage of life where they don't have a significant other they don't have any hobbies and they cannot think of anything else they'd rather do with their time. And so they fill their time with work seven days a week, maybe not all the time, every day a football game might come on or something enjoyable might come up for them, but they more react to that.


And their default is to be working or to be busy. Other people might be in a situation where their bills, their financial obligations are such that they're just continuing to do what they can to pay their bills, but they keep increasing their bills or living beyond their means. So they take that approach where they almost say, you know what, since my personal life or my life outside of work isn't what I want it to be. And I'm not making the money, doing the work I want to do, I'm going to either spend money on things or I'm going to try to spend money to make my personal life better.


And so now I'm in this repetitive or vicious circle or cycle whereby I'm not making enough money doing the work that I'm currently doing, and maybe I'm making a good amount of money. This has nothing to do usually with the exact amount of money they're making. It has to do with the fact that they're spending more than they make. So there's that situation that very often happens and of course, there's really no way out of that other than to change your spending habits or make a lot more money, which doesn't necessarily happen suddenly for most people.


Some people don't create their 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle because their life outside of work is frankly dissatisfying and they don't have good relationships, or maybe right now they're in a phase where they're not getting along with family or friends. And it feels lonely to be outside of work. It feels unhappy. And so that person wants to make sure that their calendar is full, whether it's watching TV or going to an event or a networking event or hustling over hustling, doing more work than they need to be doing.


And so what I want you to get with all of these is that in all of these situations, the person doesn't see the 3-Day Weekend even on their radar. It's something that maybe happens to them once in a while because there's a national holiday, but it's not something they can create. Now there's another group of people or another sort of stereotypical situation that also happens is when a person simply doesn't believe it's possible and it's not that they have a defeatist attitude.


It's not that they're negative. It's not that they're victims. It just doesn't seem like a normal thing or a natural thing. And so they never really engage it. It seems like something that maybe other people do. Smarter people do lockyear. People do more successful people do, but not them. What I'm suggesting you is, whatever your reason is, the first step to creating anything in our lives is to in some way either envision it or on a basic level, choose it.


In this concept of putting your 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle before your 4-Day Work Week or whatever your numbers of days or hours happens to be, is that you start considering what would be an awesome 3-Day Weekend for you. What would that look like? And maybe you first start out with an idea of what one awesome 3-Day Weekend would look like. What would you be doing on Friday? What would your schedule be? Who would you be hanging out with? What sort of activities would you be doing?


And the same question for Saturday and for Sunday. And initially that might be the first challenge just to come up with one of those. And then the next challenge is to come up with what would the next one look like if the following weekend you had a three day weekend, what would you do? And so for some people, this brings up their list of things they've always wanted to do, their bucket list. However you want to call that for those people, it might be that they say, well, Wade, I've got to come up with something new every week.


That's almost exhausting. How do I keep up with this? I can't afford all of this. And of course, somewhere Wade I need to make the money to do this. And then there are other people that seem to be comfortable with a certain default week. So, for example, in my case, I love playing beach volleyball. I live near a beach. It's not ridiculously expensive. It's more of a time investment. I'm at the beach just about every Friday, weather permitting, playing volleyball, unless there's something else that's come up, a family opportunity, I would even say obligation, something else that I'd like to do maybe that comes up or a trip.


My default 3-Day Weekend involves me spending time with friends on Friday. Sometimes my wife will come out, sometimes the kids will come out. If it's summer, Friday night with the family hanging out and then Saturday maybe some social stuff with friends or with the family or coaching our children sports on Sundays, family time. And in that way I kind of have this default week that even if nothing awesome or brilliant or amazing comes up, I know what I'm doing with my time.


And so what I'm going to suggest to you is that's the first place to start. If right now you say Wade, I only have a two day weekend and I'm an employee or Wade my business, I just can't figure out yet how to get to that 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle. So at the moment, even though I'm the owner of my business, I still have obligations. I have clients that expect me to be there certain hours and I don't yet have the budget or the finances to afford somebody that would do that other work.


I encourage you to look at how you can make the most of the time you already have available to you on your weekends and then on your evenings and to start looking at how you can really narrow down the amount of time you're spending, doing things you don't enjoy and how you can maximize your time doing the things you love to do. So activities you love to do could be watching Netflix or watching sports or movies or things that you enjoy, could be reading books, could be creating things.


And then also the people you like to spend time with or that you would like to spend time with, that you don't currently get to starting to create those relationships, whether it's taking up a new hobby and you might say, Wade, I want to go dancing and learn salsa dancing or ballroom dancing. So it's not a specific person, but I'd love to learn that. And so I'm going to find out where I do that or maybe I'd like to go to school.


It might even be that I want to get a further development of my education, which is also work, but it's something different than my current work, creating a situation where you're starting to now become more of the author of your life. If it were if it were a movie, more of the writer or the director of your life, rather than somebody who's watching the movie or simply reading the book as you start doing that, what you're going to find if you take even a long approach to this is eventually you're going to see that when you start making choices for your 3-Day Weekend activities, whether you can do them right now or not, you're going to start looking at how can I free up this time?


How could I perhaps if I'm an entrepreneur, take off work at four p.m. instead of five p.m. how can I shave one hour off my work week? Or maybe even I put that hour somewhere else in the work week, but again, so I can take off Friday earlier, maybe. I work more hours on Monday through Thursday and I can take a half day on Friday, even if I'm still working the same number of hours. There are certainly many strategies around generating more results, impacting more people, delegation outsourcing and other things that can help you make more income and less time.


But before you even do that, looking to say, how can I group together the moments in my life that are free in such a way that I can create a more enjoyable personal life? And once you get started on that path, you're going to find that more and more you're seeking to create a life that you design, not something that's designed for you. And that's really the first step to creating a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle regardless of where you are, you might be at a one day weekend lifestyle, whatever it is, moving more towards that sort of a situation.


I hope you find this helpful, if you'd like help getting started creating your 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle, you can go to and you can join our online community for free. Some of the content is free to help you start planning and creating your 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle. And then some of the content is content that goes deeper into coaching and memberships where there is a charge for it. And it's designed to help entrepreneurs and employees and freelancers and startups and side-hustler and business owners to create the life and the results you most desire.


So feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions in this. I look forward to helping you create the life and the lifestyle you most desire. Thanks so much for listening. If you'd like help and support creating your abundant and sustainable 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle, go to whether you're an employee, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a side-hustler startup, wherever you're at. We have a free community to help you get focused on making the most out of your personal life.


We are supported and surrounded by people just like you. And then we have a premium community to help entrepreneurs who are starting their business and we're growing their business to create that lifestyle. So if you're ready to help more people in less time, do what you do best and create the lifestyle you most desire so you can better enjoy your family, your friends and your life. Go to Now, I look forward to meeting you in there and I look forward to serving.


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