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Aug. 24, 2017

1. Welcome to the 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur Podcast

Have you ever had a 3-day weekend and thought, “Wow, I’d like to do this all the time?” If so, then this podcast is for you. I help entrepreneurs and employees create a 4-day work week lifestyle so they can enjoy their family, friends and lives outside of work. In this episode, we will discuss the starting point for creating a sustainable 4-day work week lifestyle.

Have you ever had a 3-day weekend and thought, “Wow, I’d like to do this all the time?” If so, then this podcast is for you. I help entrepreneurs and employees create a 4-day work week lifestyle so they can enjoy their family, friends and lives outside of work. In this episode, we will discuss the starting point for creating a sustainable 4-day work week lifestyle.


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, it’s possible for you to impact more people and make more money in less time than you currently are.

Such greater freedom would allow you to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies, and life more fully.

But it’s probably not going to happen if you don’t upgrade your mindset, habits, commitments, relationships. and mentors.

This show and its guests will show you how to live a fulfilling multi-dimensional life (body, heart, mind, & spirit) by coaching and teaching you to leverage proven 80/20 strategies & wisdom.

The results will appear in your personal life (happier relationships, deeper sleep, healthier nutrition, less stress, higher levels of energy, and better parenting) and your profession (increased consistency, performance, productivity, and income caused by a clearer sense of purpose, sharper focus, and higher levels of confidence).

It’s been said that our level of success mirrors the people we invest most of our time with.

This show will introduce you to people and insights that will help you live a better life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If you’re ready to start creating your abundant and sustainable 3-day weekend or similar lifestyle, then this is for you.



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Hi, Wade Galt here, author of Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is and founder of 3-Day Weekend Club, where we help entrepreneurs and professionals, employees, side hustlers, freelancers start ups to create an abundant and sustainable three day weekend or similar lifestyle so you can fully enjoy your family, family, your friends, your freedom and your life. If you're like me, maybe at times you've gotten so focused on your work or so bogged down in the details of providing for yourself and your family, maybe your kids, that you don't get to be fully present. You might find yourself looking at your phone more or just preoccupied with work, maybe even on the weekends where you're so distracted that you can't be present. You can't fully enjoy and savor what's going on in front of you. I know in my journey I've constantly been going back and forth between doing work I love, balancing how I can make the money that I want and then having time to enjoy family friends in life.


And at certain times in my life I had a lot more money and less free time, and other times I've had a lot more free time and less money. And as a provider, as a father, wanting to do the best I can for my family, sometimes I would just get too focused on work or I would not focus as much on just being present with my family. Because somewhere in my mind was this idea that if I can create more income that will make us happier. And so I would take too many online courses, I'd charge up the credit cards, I'd spend money on paid advertisement. I'd overinvest my time impatiently trying to scale my business quicker than really was natural.


And all it did was create more of this sense of scarcity and overwhelm and inability to be present with the people I love most because I was always thinking about something else. If any of these things ring true for you, then the content in here can help you. We have other experts in here. Some are entrepreneurs, some are coaches, some are academics, some are college professors that share different parts of the journey. How you can learn to sleep better, get better nutrition.


How you can impact more people, how you can affect people, possibly with podcasting. How you can manage your time, better productivity, how to delegate better, how to charge more for the work you do. That's awesome. How to create online courses. There are so many different things you can do.


How to reach people by writing books small ones, big ones. There's so many ways you can impact people. And yet the people that are core in your life, your most treasured loved ones, the people around you, we want to make sure you have time for them as well. It is very possible for you to impact a lot of people and make a lot of money and have time to enjoy family, friends and life and even do the work that you love. Maybe not all at the same time, but there's time for all of those things.


And there's also time if you understand that as we grow in our work, for most of us, if we're in a knowledge economy or anything that involves our thinking and our wisdom, we're going to earn more later in life. And so even if in the short run we're just kind of cash flowing and getting by and making time for what's most important, when our kids are younger, when we have more energy to do certain things, there will be time to make all that money. Or maybe there won't. Maybe we'll die early. It won't matter.


But in all of this, I'm still so much about making a positive impact in the world as I'm looking to do with this work. I'm so much about helping people and charging and making a great income. But I'm also extremely aware, not only from research, not only from reading books, but from what I've seen with my clients that are most significant life experiences, the majority of them. When I survey my clients, over 80% of those experiences of what, let's say, the 20 most important things that have happened in your life, most of those happen outside of work. It's not a knock on work.


It's just an understanding of what's usually most critically important for us and being able to be present for those things. So wherever you are on your journey, if you're a student or an employee, there's content we have in here that will help you. The fundamentals will definitely help you. You might not yet have the income to make this a reality yet, and yet you can start learning that path if you're starting a side hustle or if you're a freelancer getting things going. There's so much in here that can help you think entrepreneurially and act entrepreneurially and really take advantage of so many of the mistakes that the guests on the show and myself have made so that you can learn without having to make those same life mistakes.


And then finally, if you're an entrepreneur, if you're making the income you want to be making, or even close to it, and you don't have the time freedom you want, you're not enjoying your weekends, you're not just looking forward with excitement to your weekends, then there's so much more for you as well that we can help you with. So again, I look forward to serving you. I look forward to sharing with you stories and insights and strategies and tools to help you create a better life. I look forward to hearing your feedback on how I can better serve you, suggestions on topics for show episodes and all those different things. And of course, for some of you all who want to, I look forward to hearing your feedback on the courses we have to be part of our coaching programs, whether it's one on one or a group coaching, whatever it might be.


And I look forward to helping you impact more people and make more money in less time doing what you do best so you can fully enjoy your family, your friends, your freedom and your life. Thanks for listening. Continue. Let me know what I can do to help you.


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Wade Galt

Author, Podcast Host & 3-Day Weekend Coach for Entrepreneurs & Employees


With over 30 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, I teach fundamentally sound strategies to help people Make More Money… In Less Time… Doing What They Do Best.
• I help Employees, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners create a sustainable 3-Day Weekend lifestyle.
• Insurance Agency Owners follow my strategies for sales process implementation plus recruiting & accountability enforcement.
• I've been a successful software company founder and owner for over 20 years.

I help people connect with the divinity within, so they can
1. Receive Guidance and Support from the Divine to Create the Life They Most Desire
2. Love Themselves the Way the Divine Loves Us
3. Love Others the Way the Divine Loves Us

I've led retreats and personal growth workshops, authored numerous books on spirituality, personal growth, finance, parenting, business growth & more.

Pulling from 15 years' experience as a productive employee and over 15 years as a software company founder & owner, corporate consultant, sales process implementation coach, accountability expert, recruiter of superstar talent, provider of mental health counseling (psychology) services, life coach and 3-day weekend entrepreneur - I teach others to create the life they most desire personally & professionally.

As a former Fortune 50 corporation software project leader and sales & management trainer, I've been a lifestyle solopreneur since the year 2000.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Auburn University, a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and have earned the CLU & CPCU professional insurance industry designations. I also successfully qualified to be a Certified Integrative (Life) Coach with the Ford Institute.


I enjoy 3-day weekends, Friday's at the beach playing volleyball with friends, + weekends with my family.

My family and I have enjoyed living ocean-side in North America and South America while creating books, software and coaching programs to help fellow entrepreneurs.

I live happily with my wife, children & dog.