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July 20, 2021

097 - Summit 12 - Devi Adea - Align with Your Purpose AND Fund Your Lifestyle

Your "Life Work" might or might not pay the bills, but it's possible to make sure you are doing the work you feel called to do AND earning abundantly so you can thrive financially.

Are you doing work that inspires you and aligns with your purpose?

How well are you able to manage your financial responsibilities and move towards your goals & dreams?

Your "Life Work" might or might not pay the bills, but it's possible to make sure you are doing the work you feel called to do AND earning abundantly so you can thrive financially.

Devi will teach you how to make sure you're honoring your calling and earning abundantly.












Devi is an amazing. Person in this sense, in a lot of senses. There are a lot of people who tap into different parts or dimensions of their life, and they get really good at that and they leave the others unexplored or untapped, as you can tell by a lot of the speakers we have today. We do have people that are looking to develop their whole person.


Devi's background is very grounded software business, and yet also what she does, in addition to helping people launch their podcast, my podcast. I had taken two or three, three courses before I connected with Devi, and Devi helped me get my podcasts up and going, so thank you for that. Without that, none of you all would be here most likely if that had not happened. I don't know how long I'd have kept doing that. Took me seven years.


I think I'm gonna do this again. I started and she helped me implement. And sometimes you need a coach, need somebody to help you make that happen.


Not in seven years, though.


Maybe not seven years.


You know, with us, we were sort of right. It was like less than a year quicker.


Once I started with, you know, once I got your elbows up in like seven weeks.




Even though the target was six, I got done in seven. I'll stick with it. That's still good. But she also is very involved in coaching people. She has a podcast called The Spiritual Entrepreneur. She helps people really with all the dimensions, body, heart, mind, spirit, not leaving parts out. So I am so grateful to have her sharing what she does. And and I wanted to make sure that she got a chance to even get a little extra time to go in depth, because what she does is powerful.


It's some of the notes she has you'll be able to see in the handout after. But I encourage you to get fully present for a real treat. Devi Adea, my friend. She's awesome. Take it away.


Thank you, Wade. Yeah. So, guys, I know we've been doing a lot, so I was just thinking we could maybe just take a deep breath and take a nose and stretch your arms up overhead and just reach up. And we've been kind of going for a while, so just stretch a little, take a few deep breaths. I'm going to bring my slides up here and get this going and then I will be sharing my screen with you.


I've been on the back and I'm switching hats again. Here we go. All right, let's do this. And mine are actually in Canada. Everyone's got these very. Crossed lines. Here we go. And here we go. OK, hopefully everyone can see that Wade, if you can let me know if that looks good for you, I might even bring up the Chattisgarh. Good looking great. OK, ok. All right, guys. So is my chat window showing up for you later now?


Do you see that? No, it's not. I just think I'm going to leave that up just in case. I want to ask some questions. All right, guys, so I'm really excited and delighted to be with you today. I know. I just want to acknowledge you. I know that there's a lot of places that we could be on a, you know, Thursday. And you guys have taken a lot of time to really be here, to better yourselves, to be in community with other people and are really stepping even more into the expression of your unique gifts and your purpose.


And I know if you're attracted to Wade, you are probably someone who has a really good heart, has a lot that you want to do in service, because you just attracts really good people. And you probably are really passionate, too, about lifestyle, just given kind of why we're all here. So thank you for being here and making this a part of your your day and your week. I'm really honored to get this time with you. And here we go.


So you're in the right place. You already know that. So I'm going to skip this one, I think, because we have a lot to cover. But basically, if you're here, if there's something that you know that you're meant to do, but you've been kind of hitting snooze on it or, you know, you're doing what you're passionate about, but maybe you want to monetize it a little more so you can fund your lifestyle or you're funding your lifestyle, but you're maybe not fully fulfilled yet.


You're not really sure what your passion is. Any of these places, if you're any of those, you're in the right place. And during our time together, I'm going to share with you just three simple practices. I know that we're covering so much here. And what we just covered is really great on the tactical aspects, too, of funding your lifestyle and making sure that everything is in place. We've had a lot of great speakers here today.


I want to focus in with you on just some simple things that you can do that will make a huge, huge difference there. Those little, you know, henges that swing the big doors they talk about. Right. These are little things that you can do that will completely transform your experience behind and in support of everything else that we've learned here today. So in case you're meeting me for the first time, so which I think we all are other than Andrew and Chris and Wade, but Wade had asked me to share my story with you, and he said that he thought maybe some of you might actually find yourself in some of the story of my life.


So if you'll bear with me and just give me a little bit of time, I'd like to share some of my experience with you. I've been on the purpose journey for a while, and I probably know how you feel. For years I felt the fear of being seen and I didn't know what my purpose was because I was really hiding and cloaking parts of myself, that I was scared that if someone knew about me, they think I was absolutely crazy or weird or different.


And maybe there's some part of you, too, where you've been like, gosh, if they knew that about me, they might not judge me. They wouldn't like me. I'd be ostracized. I think most of us have that somewhere. But mine was actually an integral part of my purpose, which I didn't know yet. I also know all too well the inner pull when you when you're doing a lot of different things, but you're feeling that there's something else that you're meant to express or do, and it's kind of nagging on you from the inside like it's there and it's pulling you and you, you know, it's there, but you're not always sure what it is.


But it's very clear that it's there. I've also experienced now what you know, that syndrome when you create a lot of success in your life. But when that success, even no matter how great it is, isn't aligned with, you know, your purpose and what you're here to do, it feels empty and you get to this place. Well, OK, so I thought I'd feel a little bit different. So now what? Right. That place I've been there to and I know what it's like to be held back by some invisible force.


And it doesn't matter how much action you throw at it, how many strategies you take, you kind of it feels like running in quicksand. Right. You can't seem to get to that next place. I've been in all of those different spots on my journey. I grew up in Washington, DC. We've talked about that of it in my RV trip out here. But what's interesting about my background that I hadn't shared yet is I grew up in a very cosmopolitan.


You also very like mystical family. I call it like a clear family clairvoyant, clairaudient CRECENTE, a family that has a lot of different gifts, intuitive gifts. My grandpa was in the FBI under Hoover and my grandma was a mystic. My father was president of a bank. He was also a yogi and a minister and my mom was a VA. She had her own business doing administrative services for people before Veis were a thing, but she was also very deeply gifted in her intuitive abilities.


And so we would talk about things at home that I thought were absolutely normal. Right. We'd be sitting around the dinner table and they'd be having conversations that I thought, oh, this is just common when people talk about and I remember going to school as a young child and talking to the kids at school and how. Having them be like, what, you're crazy, like we were ahead is a sound very out there, so just bear with me.


I am a very normal person, but we have, like, you know, deceased relatives visiting a dinner. Right. And I thought that was a normal thing, which evidently it was not now. And when I was growing up, that was not a cool thing like that was not OK. And I literally thought they were going to lock me in a rubber room and throw away a key if they ever found out, because that's what my grandma told me.


If they ever if you tell anyone this to lock you up in a rubber room and throw away the key. So as a young child, I started to hide a lot of the gifts that I had been giving. Given I have, you know, I can feel other people's feelings. I'm very intuitive. And I instead talked about the things that I thought were acceptable. You know, I focused in on becoming salutatorian of my high school class. I got a dual degree in information decision systems and management from Carnegie Mellon.


I went to work for Oracle Corporation. If you know who they are, quickly work my way up the ranks. They're thinking that this is what I was supposed to do and that these were the conversations that I could have and tucking away and kind of, you know, only in my own private space, having those other conversations with family and very close friends. And so one year I was sitting at Oracle and it was the New Year's Eve and I found I wrote out my list of things I wanted to do that year.


And I found a list from two years prior. And I looked at the two lists and I was like, wow. And two years of my life I've done nothing of the things I say are most important to me. The list were exactly identical. And so I was like, OK, well, I'm going to do one of these a month. I'm going to schedule them. And so I went through and I you can see some of the pictures.


I ran a marathon, I got scuba certified and skydiver traveled Europe. I did a bunch of different things in that year. And at the end of the year, I checked off most of my list and I was like, well, now what? I thought that I was making this money. Right, which was making really good money at the time to someday to be able to do these things, have these experiences. And I was like, I don't feel any more fulfilled.


I don't understand. And so I thought, well, if it's not about experiences which are great because they expand who you are and it's not about acquisition or money, what is it about? And maybe you can relate. Maybe you've had this conversation with yourself at some time in your career. But then I thought, well, maybe it's about contribution. So I left high tech Redwood Shores, how Silicon Valley went over and started working for one of the leaders in the coaching industry.


And I thought, well, maybe if it's about contribution, if I'm making a difference for people, I'll feel more fulfilled. And while I loved being of contribution of service, there was still something inside of me. They kept calling on me and nagging at me, telling me like, there's something else here for you. And I couldn't quite get there. And so I ended up leaving there and going out and doing a lot of trying to find this thing of what it was, the fulfillment, what I was seeking, that purpose.


Right. And I you know, I wrote a kids book. I took a gazillion courses. I tried foreign currency trading. OK, I'm not good at that. That is not my gift. You're supposed to go opposite the trend. And I know just not for me. I did a lot of speaking and live events. I wrote my own song, put it out on Apple and iTunes and just tried a lot of different things. And then, you know, what really happened for me was I ended up feeling more lost than I did before.


And no matter what I tried, I still felt this nagging feeling like there was something else for me, but I just couldn't quite figure out what it was. And then one day I was flying on a plane trip from San Diego to DC and back. And I listen to a podcast. I'm podcasting. And I know Chris is talking about Jeremy Domus. And that was he had actually done the the podcast. And I was like, oh, I think I want to start one of those.


Here's the thing. I didn't know what I wanted to do my podcast on. And my friend, I have this domain spiritual entrepreneur and she's like, well, why don't you do it on that? And I thought, oh, I can't talk about that. Right, because that part of me that felt like I would be locked in a rubber room was terrified of sharing that voice, sharing the gift of what I had been given with the world.


Like I was so scared that I would get locked in a rubber room. And what happened was it opened up and freed me. And when I started to realize is that what it is, is truly about expressing that unique set of gifts that we've been given, the beautiful, purposeful parts of ourselves in service to humanity in some way that completely transforms our life experience. And when I go back to where I just was because I lost my screen. Hang on one sec with me.


OK, so before I was really afraid to be myself and share my truth and I struggled with being seen and fully trusting my own soul and my life's purpose to where I actually over the course of I don't know how many two hundred and sixty some episodes we have now, but somewhere in the middle there, when I put out a push published and got my podcast out there and didn't get locked up, they didn't come get me. I began to feel comfortable with my own unique gifts and my own message, and I started to have that nagging feeling inside of me go away.


And I started to feel like, Oh. Yeah, this is what it is. This is what it's about, so, you know, maybe there's some part of you that you're afraid to express. It's kind of hiding behind their wanting to come out. Maybe that's that part of you when we do these these journal questions that you're like, oh, yeah, I love that when I was a kid, or maybe it's some aspect of you that you're like, wow, if they knew that about me, I don't know.


But the thing is, when we have that part of our stuff and we're so scared to share, it's usually a rich part of ourself that is really a big part of our purpose. So I encourage you if that's there, definitely fell into that. Listen to that. And if there's some part of you that you're like, I don't know if it's valuable, definitely know that when we discount some part of ourself as well. That's also an indication that that comes easiest to us and it's something that we're meant to do.


So today I finally the path that I've taken is looking good, everything is going well. And as I mentioned, it's really about expressing your gifts and service to humanity that I find where fulfillment is. But the thing is, I almost didn't do this. I almost picked a safe topic because I was terrified to put that episode out and talk about my own story. I really almost didn't launch my podcast. Thank God I had accountability because it wouldn't have happened otherwise.


I almost never shared my true gifts with my clients. I would have I had these C-level executive clients that I would talk about sourcing, but I wouldn't talk about any of the stuff that we were doing at a deep level where I would let them know what I was doing. Maybe like I don't understand how all this stuff is happening, but I couldn't talk about it. I was too scared to share the truth of my experience and I almost turned my show into someone else's because I was too afraid to say no.


I was letting people come on just because they wanted to be on the show and I had to learn how to say no. And I almost missed out on the greatest gift of my life, which is really the best advice that I could ever receive, which is that expression of my own soul's voice in service to humanity and the wisdom of who I am because I was trying to be someone I thought I should. So if you relate to that in any way, all I got to say is, thank goodness I made a better choice and we all need to.


So let's dove into it. OK, so what I'd love for you guys to do is to type into the window the chat. What is purpose mean to you? Like if you could give a definition to what purpose is for you? Like how does purpose speak to you? Is it something that you like and how would you define it if you had a definition for it that might give you a second to alignment with my reason for being a love that Wade?


That's beautiful. Alignment with my reason for being. If you guys anyone else wants to chime in, go ahead, I'm going to pop over to the next screen here. OK, this is one of the definitions that they have in the Merriam Webster's Dictionary, which is something set up as an object or end to be attained or intention. So it's an intention, a resolution, a determination. Right. And I love this definition I found, which was purpose is the place where your deep gladness meets the world's needs.


That beautiful. And Danny saying, that's what I was going to say. Well, great minds just sand any great minds. And to me, it's the intention of one soul and being here like what we're here for in this lifetime, like because it is intention, truly. Right. So what is that intention? So some signs that you are aligned with your purpose. So if you're experiencing that, what people are coming to you for is what you really enjoy doing most.


If you're in the zone a large portion of your day, when you have these synchronicities, you know, kind of like what happened when we were coming here, I was definitely in alignment with what I where I was supposed to be. And everything flowed really easily, moving from San Diego to here when synchronicity as a way of life. And you find that there's a lot of support for what you're doing, you're really aligned with your purpose when you can't imagine doing anything else, even when it's hard, you're like, yeah, but no, I got to keep going.


You're pretty sure you're on purpose. And when you get energized, it energized by it rather than drains. When you when it builds energy and you and when you feel pulled towards the activities, they're related to what it is that you're doing, you're in alignment. Some signs that you're not aligned and you maybe can feel into where you are in this. And these two sides is when you're white knuckling on the regular, when you're like, oh, I'm going to make it happen.


It's going to happen to happen. Right. But you're forcing it to happen right. Where you have a high level of resistance to related tasks over time, you're like, oh, yeah, I really like I'm clear. My purpose is not editing my show. My purpose is hosting my show, but not editing my show because it drains me and I have a lot of resistance to it. Right. When there's a lack of fulfillment, a feeling of, you know, now what like we talked about or, you know, when you have a lot of success in one area, you feel like kind of like this, is it right.


If there's something pulling on you from the inside still and it's pulling you in a different direction, most likely you're not in alignment or when you feel drained by it. I need to take a lot of time away from it. If it feels like it's like you're running in quicksand, like you just can't seem to get where you wanted to go or like you're running in the desert and there's really no fulfillment for you, but you're still running because you feel like you need to be running maybe to make money or for some other drive.


But you're not feeling, you know, filled up or you think that you have to pay the bills, but you'd rather be doing something else and you're clear there's something else. This Wade, so how do you get a line so that you can fund your lifestyle? So I'm going to give you three practices that I think they're very simple in my mind. Like, they may seem really easy, but I tell you, they're game changers. The first thing is to know and follow your intuition.


And my intuition was telling me my whole life that I was something was missing, but I just wasn't listening because I was like, no, I'm supposed to be over here when this other thing was talking to me the whole time. So one of the things when I work with people that the things that I help them to start to do is to understand. How to know when you have a yes or no in your body, so this is a great little exercise you can do, is just to like think back in time to a time when you made a decision that was absolutely right for you and it was a yes.


Right. And you knew it was the right thing for you beforehand. How did you know? Was it. You said to yourself, was it a feeling in your body when you had that experience? I just think back to that time. And how did it feel in your body, whatever part of your body was responding? Was it a lifting up and forward? Right. Was it something that you just kind of you felt like chills on your body?


There's signs that we get when we are having an intuitive guidance towards something that is right for us or something that's not right for us. And I really encourage you to get really clear on this, because when you can use this guidance system in your life on anything that shows up, you will constantly be moved in the right direction for where you're meant to go. And when you don't follow it, it's like the little whispers becomes shouts and the shouts become like two before is upside the head.


You've had that experience where even like, oh, I knew I was supposed to do this thing, but I did this other thing. How did you know? Like what part of you you start to pay attention to the inner voice that's talking to you and start to make this a part of your litmus test to people already do this. I'm curious if anyone here wants to share, like what are some of the ways that, you know, when something is a yes for you or I know for you, do you have any particular things that you notice?


Like, for me, I feel a pull upward and forward when there's something is right for me, when it's a yes. And I know it's a whole body. Yes. Like, it's definitely for me. I feel everything just feels moved forward when it's when I feel like I'm being moved back and down. I know it's a no for me when I get chills, I know someone's telling me the truth. So here we go. Wade says, a calm feeling of serenity and confidence.


So, yeah. So start to pay attention. I'm excited I wake up earlier. Beautiful Danny. I love that beautiful Wade. So yeah. So start paying attention to those things and notice what your own inner wisdom is telling you. And follow this and you will automatically be guided towards more resources and be able to fund your lifestyle and you'll be pulled to the things that are meant to happen for you. These totally sheft. When we do so, you can use your intuition for being in alignment naturally to choose what path to take, to choose clients, to decide on your day's tasks, decide on your best strategies, or for any decision in your life or business.


The next thing that I love to use is the power of questions. So back when I worked with that coaching company, so I worked for Anthony Robbins company is back in 2000, 2000. It's been a while been in the industry. One of the things that Tony teaches a lot is talking about the power of questions. And so I've used them a lot in my life to create things and put things in alignment and create results. And there's simple things that we can do that are completely transformative.


So I personally believe that all of your best answers live inside of you, that you're the best expert on you and no one else knows what's better for you than yourself. And one of the best ways to access that guidance is through using the power of a lot of questions. So here's just a few different ways that you can use them. You can use them to gain vision, to be able to see more clearly. You can use them to identify resources and you can use them to recognize unconscious blocks.


There's a lot of ways you can use them. There's just three. So I'm going to kind of walk through those with you. So to gain vision, just to give you an experience of this, if you just take a minute and close your eyes for seconds and just take a deep breath in and out, I want you to imagine for a moment that you are fully living your life purpose and maybe you already are now, but it's maybe the next level of what that purpose is for you.


I just feel and how that feels in your body and start to take notice of what would you experience if you were living your life purpose at the highest level right now? Who would you be spending time with? What would you be doing with that time? So whatever comes in first. Who would you be serving? In what ways would you be serving them? What does that feel like for you? To be in a place of doing not. And now I'd love for you to imagine that I've given you a box and I've given you some beautiful wrapping paper and your favorite color with a big ribbon, some tape scissors, and if you could wrap the most precious gift in that box.


That was a gift of view, something that was unique to you and give it to someone that you are meant to serve. What would you put in that box? How would you like them to feel when they receive that president? How would they shift or transform by receiving that gift from you? Just take that on for a minute. Feel what that feels like in your body and then open your eyes and come back with me for a second here.


Notice how you're inside, you probably had something show up for you. That was a vision of something new that you didn't maybe see before. Maybe you did. If there's something you want to show for it. Feel free to tape it in the charge's. But notice how quickly and easily you can access those answers just simply by asking some questions and closing your eyes, so when you're looking for vision, it's important to close your eyes so you can see inside some people here, some people feel, some people know and some people see and some people that we see it in different ways.


If you study and you'll find out that people put things in different places even and where they store information. So another way you can use questions is to identify resources. So, again, let's go ahead and close our eyes one more time. If you'll play along with me, take another deep breath in. You know. And for this exercise, I'd like for you just to not judge anything but allow whatever is going to come into your mind to kind of come across the screen of your mind, in your mind's eye, just see what comes in.


And I'm going to ask you this question and just capture for the moment whoever flashes before your eyes, your mind's eye, not judging it, just listening and see what comes in. So who is it that you can call right now that will be able to help you with your next level of living and funding your ideal lifestyle with your purpose? I asked that question again, who is it that you could call right now? That would be able to help you with creating that next level.


A finding your ideal life style with your purpose. Just take note of who shows up in your mind's eye, doesn't it may sound totally crazy, though, you might not have thought of that person, just keep that in your mind and and who that is. And I next question I'm going to ask you this identify what are the key leverage points available to you right now? So what is around you right now? But you may be discounting. Or not, seeing that could absolutely serve you and funding your ideal lifestyle with your purpose.


And again, notice what comes in. What is around you right now? You may not be seeing or may be discounting that could help you to live and find your ideal lifestyle. With your purpose. Go ahead and open your eyes, and if there's something that came through there, I'd invite you to write that down as well and capture that. But how you can also ask your greatest wisdom, your own self for resources without having to look outside of yourself.


All those answers are inside of you. And then another way that you can use questions that I love is to uncover blocks. So, again, we're going to just do one more exercise with your eyes closed. So go ahead and take a deep breath and close your eyes for a second and through the nose. And out there, the of. OK, if I were to ask you right now if there's anything that you feel is standing in your way of living your life purpose and making great money doing it.


What would you what would it be? Again, if I were to ask you if there was anything that you feel is standing in your way of living your life purpose and making great money doing it. Would it be? Just notice what comes up. No matter how logical it sounds or not, and when you think about what is standing in your way, when you think about that thing that came up. What is the feeling that you associate with that thing?


So name that feeling. Whatever the emotion may be, the feeling. Anger, sadness, fear, any of those emotions keep going with your list when you think about what is standing in your way, what is the feeling that you associate with it? Capturing that as well. And then what I'd love for you to do, and I know it's uncomfortable typically these feelings, but is just to allow that feeling to come into your body wherever you experience that.


And when you feel that feeling that's associated with that thing that you feel is standing in your way, just take note if there's anything that comes to your mind. Around an experience or a person or associated memory. Maybe even something you say to yourself that's related to that feeling. Can be a flash to. And if you have that, come in, go ahead and when you open your eyes, if there's anything again, you want to jot down what we're doing this, please go right on ahead and do that so you can use questions and so many different ways to support you on your journey of funding your lifestyle, living your life on purpose and truly just having a great life experience.


But my absolute favorite way of using questions is doing what I call living in the question. And so we talked about this a little bit when Wade had me come in off of under camera earlier. But when I call living into a question, what I mean is this a lot of times when we ask a question, we're seeking an answer because we like to live in certainty. We like to know definitively what the answer is to any question that we have.


And it's uncomfortable for most of us to live in the uncertainty. But in the uncertainty is where all possibility for anything lives, right? It's where nothing is defined yet and where we can create anything. And so one of the most powerful exercises that you can do is to pick a question that you're choosing to live into, meaning you choose a question that you're going to ask yourself and leave it open without an answer. And if an answer comes in, you say, what else?


And what happens is when we do this. So, for example, it could be like, what would it take for me to live my life fully on purpose at the next level and fund my lifestyle beautifully? And you may get an answer and you say, great, well, what next, what next? And you just started to notice that your life will respond with synchronicities an answer to that question or what would have to happen for me to create this thing or to achieve this thing or to experience this thing, X, Y, Z.


So these are things that you can start to ask and your life experience will absolutely shift as you live in the space of being in the question without having it closed down and in a definitive answer. So I would encourage you and in the journal that in the workbook that Wade has given us, there's I put a place there for you to capture the question. I would just encourage you for the next two weeks to pick a question and just do an experiment and play with it and see what happens when you start to pick one of these and start asking it on a regular basis and living into what shows up and start to pay attention to what shows up in terms of synchronicities in your life.


And then finally, and I know that Holly was talking about this, too, and most people you talked to who have who have achieved a lot in their life will say that saying no is oftentimes way more important than what you say yes to. So like the more nose that you have, the more spaciousness you create in your life to have other things that you're meant to be doing come in. So, you know, when your intuition. Right.


Is going to be a first step in knowing if this is a yes or a no for you. But I'm also give you a little litmus test here that you can use just in terms of questions you can ask yourself. So I know a lot of us operate to in the space of Fomalhaut, fear of missing out. Right. So letting go of those things are things that are misaligned with you that really aren't for you. You create the room and space for the things that are aligned for you that help you to create and fund your life and bigger and more beautiful ways.


So one of the things that you can do. Is ask these three questions and I actually ask I have my assistant now asking me this because I'm not historically the best person in saying no. So I told her, I said, look, any time an opportunity comes up, I want you to ask me these three questions. And the first question is, what is your intuition say? And that's when you check in, you feel like however you know, oh, it makes me want to get up earlier in the morning or it's you know, I get this calm feeling of serenity and confidence.


Right. And I know it's a yes or you're absolutely pushed away by it and you don't want to do it. Right. That's your intuition speaking to you. And so I ask her to ask me that. The second question is, is this the line with my greater vision? So if it's something completely out of left field and my intuition is saying, no, it's not going to be something I'm going to want to do. Right. But it could be that it's something out of left field.


My intuition saying yes. So it's not 100 percent aligned, but there's something there. So this third question is a really good one to add in, which is what is this costing you and is it worth it compared to the other things that you need to be doing and follow that. So when you get if you get a clear, definitive answer to these, you'll know pretty quickly as a litmus test if something is right for you or not right for you.


And I just encourage you to say no more like not no more, but no more often, because in saying no more often, you're going to create a lot more room for your beautiful radiant. Yes. And what you're here to do. So today we covered these things. I think Wade you said it helped people connect with the confidence they need to get give themselves permission to pursue the dreams that they're that are aligned with their soul. That that's beautiful.


So we talked about these three practices today, knowing and following your intuition, making sure that every aspect of your life in business is aligned with your soul and you will find that it greases the tracks for you. And everything moves way more smoothly. Practice to using the power of questions to create alignment and results and living into the question which I really encourage you to try out and then practice three is saying no is saying no more often and following that.


And also one of the things you can do is start to work on removing those unconscious blocks that you identify through questions to help you, because sometimes we are we're basically working against ourselves. It's like we're pushing a car plants that are putting gas in and driving it right. Or we're saying, I want this, but there's some part of us that's pushing back at us saying no. Right. That push pull. So doing some of that work is also very helpful.


Anyway, if you still have questions, I put some journal prompts in the book. I would love for you to take some time to play in the workbook a bit and set some time aside. You can put it in your calendar right now. I do believe when we schedule things, they happen when you can go through and do the exercises in the workbook. There's some great questions in there. I know that Holly was also talking about how a lot of people don't know their passions.


And I think it's a great way to identify more of your purpose and passion and what is important to you. And I know a lot of us, too. We're talking about, you know, what moves us forward and what what our community needs to be like, questions you could begin to ask yourself that will help you to have the support that you need. And then you can also find me anywhere and everywhere. I'm at Devi Adea, everywhere my team is.


It supported Devi Adea dot com. If there's anything that I can help you guys with. My podcast is that spiritual entrepreneur dot com. We've had amazing guests on that show and a lot of evergreen content out there, Danny. We're talking about that. And I also put together a little offer. If there's something that is a big block for you and you want support, I usually the higher investment for that. But for Wade community, I put something special together for you guys.


So I'd be happy to support in that way to whatever I can do to help you with your purpose and funding your lifestyle. So thanks so much for taking this time with me, Wade. It's great to see Mistyped My Share. And there we go. Awesome, that was that was so good. First of all, thank you. Thank you for sharing that. I'm glad the schedule turned out. We got you have a little bit extra time to go to go deep into it, because I think there's I think there's so much to that.


And, you know, one of the things and I. Part of me looks at maybe even making what I do title because it has to be an elevator speech, which of course no it doesn't, but it's that thing that there's something that, you know, when you said, you know, what do you do that your passion or that stirs people. And I'm like, you have got all this. And then, of course, you go deeper.


And that's right. First the brain goes to work, then go a little deeper and. So much of the specific work that I do around this 3-Day Weekend stuff, it's not tactical, it's not strategic. That's what people think they're coming for. The strategy is really easy. It's like Wayne Dyer said about, you know, smoking. You don't put the cigaret in your mouth step before that. You don't buy cigarets when you go to the stores.


Before that, you don't go to the store. The mechanics are easy. The getting to the mechanics, the willpower, the gumption, the inspiration, all those different whatever the specific situation is to do that. Is the part, so for me, it's like. Not pushing people to yes, but getting to the people to that point where they're like, yes, I can do this. That's what I do. And I'm coming to realize that being able to communicate that that is it's like when Rebecca was talking about de cluttering and she said, well, you know, if you just have somebody come in and take out the trash.


And I responded, yeah, that's like that's like a ten dollar an hour task. But if you have somebody intentionally going through this and walking through that process will simply if you have somebody saying, hey, guess what do sit ups? Well, you know, it's not a very, very motivated or important function as a fitness coach. And that might be part of the mechanics. But somewhere in there that coaches hey, let's focus on your goals, your vision, your why you're all these different things.


Hey, we're going to do this and, you know, help make those connections like I was her mother, that she saw that connection between, you know, the work and the results. And I'm seeing for me that being able to share with people. So thank you for this to be able to say, yes, I hope you get to that point. When you're ready, I think for some reason, failure to launch the movie with Matthew McConaughey is gaining that person.


It's like, look, you act like, you know, in that movie, he has all the tools. He is a good looking guy. He's wealthy's. This is that. And he's supposed to be married, but he just won't do anything. And I just think of so many people, I'm going to be sharing some of our stuff. The interview I did with Al about Al Mega, about him shifting to a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle and so much of it was opening the possibility and then, you know, him pursuing it.


It wasn't about Wade. I don't know how to not work three days. And that's it's not really a difficult skill Wade. But the actual getting there to do it is the work. And that's the part I'm coming to realize. And and in all that, that is. Higher value, higher impact and ultimately higher dollar work, but say to somebody, hey, fill out this calendar here and fill this one and make that one look like that one.


Well, yeah, that Wade. I get that part. So it's helping me understand, because as I explained to people, a lot of times people say Wade, oh, you do productivity, right? Oh, yeah. You know, that's like, I don't know, saying Aretha Franklin, like like you sing a little song, you know, you just, you know, you just sing a little. That's all that's you know, as if there's not more going on there.


So I like to analogy because I will say one of the things that I've learned about you and you guys, if you want to chime in, I know you all love Wade like I do. You are someone that actually holds belief for people. It's something I've noticed about you. So, for example, I did that VIP weekend for podcasting on purpose and we had talked about it. And you're like, you know, you could just go and rent a place and do do this in person.


Everything you're doing online, you could go and do this in person and put together these events. And they and they were great. And it was just a natural flow, how that all kind of came together. But I was like, I don't know, an event in person. I'm going to speak at other people's events, but that's a whole thing. And you're like, oh, easy. Like done. Right? And so you kind of held that space for me to do it.


And sure enough, I was like, well, Wade things. That's easy. OK, it's done. I'll just go do it. And it's been great. And I've done it in Seattle and DC and San Diego and it's really worked out well. But pre covid. But but you just do that for people in your life. You naturally hold the space. I call it like borrowing someone's belief. So they believe in you and they're like, well, maybe I don't believe I could do that yet, but I'm going to borrow their belief that I can do it because they believe it and they believe it.


So clearly that I believe I can do it now, too. I'm just going to borrow that until I fully believe it myself, if it feels aligned and it's the right thing. Right. So so all of that's really great. But yeah, I just.


Oh yeah, that's true. Thank you. Know I'd forgotten about that. So, so, so Devi's doing this awesome podcast course that I'm saying like no, you don't get this. I've literally literally sat on three courses from three of the best people in the industry. So it was not the course. Let's be crystal clear. There was nothing wrong with the course content. It was me and like, I can't do this. And it wasn't a competition either.


For those who are saying, but I can't compete with the top people in the industry, Devi was able to deliver something that I couldn't get somewhere else in helping me overcome the obstacles to get it again. I didn't need the process processes. I already got it, but could I implement it? And so when you did that helped me go through that, I was like, gosh, you only would have been better than this because it was you showing up for a call once a week.


And I got a sense of, OK, my head of my behind the wheel, Devi, anything better than this? I thought of my clients, Rodgers's lock them in a room room for a week and don't let them out until they do it. So, I mean, that was that was pretty much the reverse. That's what my clients tell me all the time. Like Wade. Yeah, I'm into a room and do it. And you're just like and I know you know the mechanics.


I know you got like that was awesome. So thank you for feeding that back to me. I wrote that down. Yeah. That's that's a better way to explain it than I do productivity.


I know you do. You source greatness in people. And you really you hold you hold a belief for them when they don't even believe it for themselves. It's part of something that you do and you see things for people that they may not see for themselves to. I think that's easier for us to see each other's things. You know, I think for all of us, it's way easier for us to be able that you can have a hand on your face and be going, why?


Why do I not see every day looking absolutely different? It's like, well, you know, if you took your hand off your face, you would be able to see. But you can't see it because it's on your face, right? You don't always know. So so there's that. But anyway, I have so enjoyed this time with everyone today, and I had told Wade earlier that I had another speaking event after this. So we put me kind of at the tail end of today and I've got to be able to kind of support everything today.


But I'm going to be watching a lot of replays. I have a feeling for all of the people that have been here, and I just I love you guys already. I haven't even met everybody. But you're just I can feel the energy of the group. And you guys have shared such amazing things with each other and have been so supportive. So and I've loved everything I've learned today to. So thank you guys for sharing all the nuggets. I have notes here.


Thank you so much for all your help today.


Yeah, it's been my pleasure.


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