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April 28, 2021

084 - Live Today, for Tomorrow is Not Promised

Remembering a great friend, Larry Zywica, who taught me and countless others a priceless life lesson.

God bless you and those you love.








Hey, everybody, hope you're doing awesome, wanted to share just a few thoughts about a person who inspired me to get to this 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle who unfortunately passed away recently. And one of his main messages to me was this basic idea of enjoying life because tomorrow's not promised.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Larry Zywica for the last seven to eight years, I met him at the beach one day. I was down there on a Friday and I was playing volleyball. I was trying to get back into my rhythm of taking Fridays off. And so I went a few times and the first time I was there, he greeted me. Really awesome guy, very warm, very welcoming. And after I'd been there a few weeks, I told him that I was thinking of going back to my schedule of working on Fridays because I had some bills had to take care of and some other stuff.

And he was very clear, is very adamant. He's like Wade, I've been going to the beach or taking Fridays off for over twenty five years. You have to do this. This is so critically important to you. This is life. This is you making sure you enjoy your family, your friends, your free time, all those different things. And we got to talking more about different things. Larry was an artist & a really awesome person. And as I would come to find out later, he's had that impact on countless other people.

Interestingly, in my story, at the same time, I was working with a coach by the name of Johan and Johan's in South Africa. So I'm in Florida, Larry, a volleyball buddy is telling me I need to take Fridays off. And I was starting to work with Johan on my coaching business. And Johan had heard about my work on one podcast, the first interview I'd ever done. And he said, hey, I'd like to coach, I'd like to help you if you'd like to grow your business.

And I'll just take a percentage of whatever gains you make. I'll trust you on that. And so we started working on that. And partway through that, he said, Wade, you're telling me you really want to help people get to this 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle this 4-Day Work Week? Well, you've got to stick to it. You've got to stop this excuse that when you're busy, part of the year comes, your season comes for your software company that you need to take Fridays and work says you need to make it to where you're off on those Fridays.

You need to work that out and figure that out because those are the same challenges that your clients are going to go through. And if you can't figure those out, you're not going to help them. So really, you know, man up is a phrase we use sometimes, you know, just get your stuff together and and make things happen. And so, ironically, these two people, literally different corners of the world, telling me the same thing at the same time.

And what both of them said has proved to be so true for me. And so recently, my friend Larry passed away, as I mentioned, unfortunately, and we had a celebration of life from him. And there was countless people there talking about the impact he made on their life and how he was listening to them and how he was understanding and nonjudgmental to some of my friends who didn't have father figures. He was a father figure for them. And you've seen these grown men in their mid forties tearing up and crying over this man who's had such a profound impact on their life, people who are just happy to have known them, people that know he brought out the best in us at our beach, where things can sometimes get competitive when people get involved in sports, a vibe that was so energized by friendship and happiness and making fun of each other in a playful way and not taking things too seriously.

And so what I just want to do is take this short episode as an opportunity to, first of all, express my gratitude to the universe, to God for Larry in my life and to all the people I've met since then. And to just reemphasize that tomorrow is not promised. And probably the biggest reason I do this work is because I've experienced that at different times and seen how important it is. And when I was at the celebration of life and we were all there for Larry, what was just so clear was how he got it right.

He lived life in a way that he enjoyed life and he made the most of life and he left such ripples of positivity for the people who knew him.

And he accomplished so many other things, he's a father, he's an artist, there's so many of the things he's done as a hockey player. But overall, it was how he treated people, the fact that he made time for people, he was present with people and what he did with his life. So I hope you and your loved ones are well. I hope things are great in your world. And I hope you take this message to heart.

And I hope it makes a positive impact in your life. As always, look forward to helping you create the life and the lifestyle you most desire so you can better enjoy your family, your friends and your life. God bless.


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