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Oct. 15, 2020

066 - How Employers Can Safely Offer a 4-Day Work Week to Their Employees

066 - How Employers Can Safely Offer a 4-Day Work Week to Their Employees

Attract, Retain & Motivate employees with opportunities that allow them to earn additional paid time off.

If you're an employer who's considering offering a 4-Day Work Week or other similar flexible working situation to your employees, it can feel extremely uncertain and financially unwise or scary.

With one simple strategy, you can take a huge amount of the risk out of the equation and ease into this, rather than taking a huge blind leap of faith.

The opportunity for employees to earn more paid vacation makes your job offering more competitive when you recruit top talent.


1:30 ACHIEVE to RECEIVE - Setting Up Conditional Results

2:47 Create Bonus Reward Levels for SALES Employees to Earn Time Off

3:41 Create Bonus Reward Levels for SERVICE Employees to Earn Time Off

5:30 Ground Rules to Keep Things Simple

6:48 How Long-Term Achievement Can Lead to Long-Term Agreements

7:36 Why Should You Even Bother Considering This

8:26 Get Employees to Care About Your Business Like You Do


If you'd like help implementing this strategy or related 4-Day Work Week strategies, you can schedule an implementation blueprint call.



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