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Oct. 2, 2020

065 - Stress Free Money with Chad Willardson

065 - Stress Free Money with Chad Willardson

Chad helps help people organize their financial life, clarify their goals & make decisions that lead them to a successful & fulfilling life.

We discuss...

  1. The Best Advice He Ever Received about Success and Money
  2. How to Attract the People You Can Help, and Repel the “Wrong” People
  3. The Most Common and Difficult Financial Decision Entrepreneurs Must Make
  4. How Individuals Can Create Financial Freedom
  5. The Biggest Challenge all Solopreneurs F ace
  6. How to Recruit Great People that Attract Ideal Clients
  7. How to Know If Your Feelings are Getting in the Way of Your Judgment
  8. How to Know Whether to Invest More in Your Business or the Market
  9. Insights from his new book - Stress Free Money, and more. 


CHAD WILLARDSON, AWMA®, CRPC® is the president and founder of Pacific Capital, a fiduciary wealth advisory firm he started in 2011 after nine years of climbing the ranks as an investment advisor at Merrill Lynch. Currently Chad also manages a $350 million investment portfolio as the elected City Treasurer in his community. He created and trademarked The Financial Life Inspection®, a unique process to remove the stress people feel about their money. He’s a Certified Financial Fiduciary®, and is featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., U.S. News & World Report, Investment News, Entrepreneur, and Financial Advisor, and the bestselling book Who Not How by Dr. Benjamin Hardy, Tucker Max, and Dan Sullivan.

Chad is passionate about financial education and believes that with the right tools and resources, people can be empowered to make smart money decisions. Chad is the author of the book, Stress Free Money: Overcome the 7 obstacles to Find Financial Freedom.

Outside of his business, Chad loves sports, travel, and serving people in need. He served as a volunteer for a church service mission in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Belarus for two years and can speak, read, and write fluently in Lithuanian. Above all, Chad cherishes his family. A native of Orange County, CA, Chad and his wife of 19 years live in Southern CA with their five beautiful children.



3:36     Put People Before Money & Success

7:09     How to Attract the People You Can Help and Repel the “Wrong” People

10:19     Know Who You’re Best Built to Serve

13:35    The Biggest Challenge of Solopreneurs

15:14    Recruit Great People to Attract Great Clients

17:37     Advice for New Entrepreneurs - Investing in the Market vs. In Yourself

21:41    Have a Plan & Automate It

23:49    You Have a Goal, SO THAT…

27:36    What Puzzles Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Goal Setting

30:47     The Most Important Strategy to Consistently Build Wealth

33:21    How to See What You REALLY Care About

36:50    Financial Fast Food

40:22     How to Tell if an Advisor is Looking Out for You (Or Not)

47:23    The Problem with Only Investing in What You Know

49:16    How to Know Whether to Invest More in Your Business or the Market

53:18    How to Know If Your Feelings are Getting in the Way of Your Judgment

53:52    Defining Stress Free Money


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