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Sept. 4, 2020

063 – Create Your Purpose in Business and Life with Nick Davies

063 – Create Your Purpose in Business and Life with Nick Davies

Nick and I discuss how to Create Your Purpose in Business and Life.

He has great insight into what motivates people and gets people excited about growth.

Wisdom can be very simple, and Nick communicates great truths very clearly.



- Nick Davies is a Master business coach at ProAdvisorCoach.

- With 20 years of background in financial services. Originally from London England, Nick has also lived and worked in the Philippines, Florida, New York and now calls Charlotte, NC home.

- Over the last 4 years, Nick has shifted his focus and now helps people and businesses through coaching directly. - He is a mindset expert, trained through Tony Robbins coaching and is also a certified health coach.



10:00 – The Problem with Being in Your Comfort Zone  

17:20 – What Happens When You Start Moving Towards What You Want  

22:05 – The Value of Coaching & Being Challenged  

24:36 – How Do You Bring Coaching Clients Back to Their Main Focus   

25:44 – The Default in Life is the Erosion of the Quality of Our Life

28:00 – Simple Solid Marriage and Life Advice 

29:25 – How Do You Deal with a Client Who Doesn’t Want to Grow 

34:50 – Environment and the Ability to Change 

37:30 – How to Make a Bigger Impact with Your Business  

38:20 – Hobby or Business?

42:05 – Does your story serve you? 

42:38 – How Do You Know if You’re Really Good at Something? 





Nick believes we have to start with awareness to make any change, big or small. He’s offering a complimentary access to the Nobel Prize nominated assessment tool to start that process. 







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