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July 24, 2020

062 – From Burning Out as a 7-Figure Company CEO to Becoming Unstoppable with Don McLaughlin

062 – From Burning Out as a 7-Figure Company CEO to Becoming Unstoppable with Don McLaughlin

Many people dream of multi-million dollar success and all that comes with it. A small group gets to experience it. Some thrive, some crash and burn, and a rare few thrive… then crash and burn… then rise again better than they were before. Don is one of the rare few. I hope you fully enjoy and soak up his message.


Don is a father of three, author, wellness advocate and ultra endurance athlete.

A former trial lawyer of nearly 20 years, Don’s legal career included service as an Assistant District Attorney, litigator at a prominent Colorado law firm, and in-house corporate lawyer at a Fortune 500. As a corporate lawyer, Don became a nationally recognized expert in the areas of electronic data retrieval, analysis and management. Subsequently

Don founded and served as CEO of Falcon Discovery, a legal consulting and tech services firm serving the Fortune 500.

As CEO of a rapidly growing, multi-million dollar firm that handled some of the highest profile legal cases in the country, he experienced intense pressure and stress 24/7.

Following years of prolonged burnout, Don finally hit the wall in 2012. After what he can only describe as divine intervention and a newfound inspiration to become a better father and leader, Don overhauled his diet and began running ultra endurance trail races in the Colorado Rockies.

He incorporated hemp and other plant extracts into his new health regime, and developed a series of performance practices to advance his recovery, regain balance and sustain high performance. With these changes nearly everything in his life turned around, and Don’s business and personal life flourished.

Within months his running distances doubled and tripled, and he completed his first 36 hour, 100 mile race on the Continental Divide in Colorado in 2016. Likewise his business blossomed like never before, and he subsequently sold Falcon Discovery and stepped down in 2017 to inspire and support others with the lessons that he learned.



6:35       Letting Go of Pursuing More for More’s Sake

8:44       Selling a 7-Figure Business that No Longer Aligned with Him

10:00    “Losing My Identity When I Sold My Business”

10:45    The Reward was in the Work

13:50    What You Can Do When You Hate the Business You Started    

16:45    Becoming More Present to Life & Accepting What Is

20:00    A Former Prosecutor Learns About CBD, Health, Energy & Recovery

23:20    How Neglecting Sleep & Meditation Cost Me $75,000

26:17    Lessons from Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach (Rugged Individualism vs. Unique Teamwork)

27:03    The Extreme Type A Entrepreneur Hits Bottom

27:57    Turning Point – The Entrepreneur Asks for Help

29:43    FREEDOM - The Team Starts Willingly Taking on More Responsibility

33:46    MYTH ALERT - Overvaluing Creativity and Minimizing Consistency

36:48    The Clients’ Challenges Didn’t Change, The Leader Changed

38:09    Finding Curiosity & Wonder in the Mundane Because I was Recharged     

39:03    Being More Present with Family (Not Perfect… But Progress)

40:40    Kids Have Great B.S. Sensors & Know If You’re Present

43:35    A Practical Understanding of CBD and How It Can Help with Anxiety, Restfulness, Physical Recovery, and Balance



Plants, Performance and the Endocannabinoid System: 21st Century Sports Medicine



Don is the Co-Founder of PUREPOWER Life



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