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Oct. 3, 2018

48. Work Hours Needed to Afford a 25k Car vs. 75k Car

48. Work Hours Needed to Afford a 25k Car vs. 75k Car

In this episode we’re coming back to the idea of what our expenses cost us in time, and more specifically, our cars. What’s the difference between a $75,000 car and a $25,000 car? Most of the time, the difference is having to work 3x as long to afford it!

In this episode we’re coming back to the idea of what our expenses cost us in time, and more specifically, our cars. What’s the difference between a $75,000 car and a $25,000 car? Most of the time, the difference is having to work 3x as long to afford it!










What's the difference between a $75,000 car and a $25,000 car? You know what the difference is? In a lot of cases, the difference is simply three times as many hours working to afford it. Now, if you simply love cars, hey, we all have our hobbies. But very often I find people who aren't really that into cars and they just because of a brand name or a label, they decide that they're going to invest or pay for these cars, really aren't great investments, they're going to buy the more expensive car. And if you ask them why, they really don't know. I recently bought a Honda CRV a few years ago or a couple of years ago, and it made me laugh because it's about $25,000 ish vehicle. And I saw the BMW, which is almost the exact same color blue. And I really admittedly can't tell most of the SUVs apart today. Maybe I'm getting old, but it just struck me as funny as I went up to a BMW once with my clicker and it was, Oh, that's not my car. There really wasn't even that big of a difference. I guess I remember when I was younger, there being such a big difference between, I don't know, a Mercedes and something else or a Lamborghini and something else.


Today, so many of the cars, they look similar, a lot of the features, the airbags, so many things are similar and standard. Unless you really need that extra push, is it really worth the extra time it's costing you? For a lot of people, it's just not. But it's one of those decisions that's made semi consciously. Of course, sometimes there might be either that sense of wanting to fit in or wanting to enjoy it. And yet, as Tim Ferris taught, an idea he shared, which I love in his book, The 4 Hour Work Week, he talked about him wanting to drive fancy cars and said, Well, okay, so I'll rent a Lamborghini for a while, or I'll rent a Ferrari. I don't have to own it. I get to experience it. Yes, great. I've experienced doing this speed at this amount and now it's good. I don't need that anymore. Something that just cracks me up is where I live, people pretty much drive pretty safely and nothing makes me laugh more than seeing somebody in this really souped up fancy car that can go 200 miles an hour and they're doing 45 miles an hour because that's the speed limit.


We don't live in Germany, there is no autobahn. And so it's like, Okay, so the car is pretty, don't get me wrong, but there's so much else you could do with that money. And for some people, they might say, Wait, I got plenty of money, I'm good. But for a lot of people, it's just working three times as many hours and missing out on the opportunity to have more free time. So I encourage you, look at what your costs are on your car. As opposed to homes, cars are usually much easier to either trade in or change a rental contract or a lease agreement or whatever it might be. But I encourage you to look at what it's costing you in time and considering what else maybe could you do at that time? Well, couldn't you? You might say, Wait, I like where I am with my car. But what else could you do with that time? And is it better spent than you having simply a slightly nicer car, or sometimes not even a nicer car, but a car with a fancier brand? Hope this helps. As always, look forward to helping you make more money in less time.


Do what you do best. As entrepreneurs, we sometimes need to be locked in a room to get something done. We have a workshop called 4 Day Work Week entrepreneur Academy, where in two days we help you put together your game plan to create a four day work week lifestyle. You'll be in the room with other entrepreneurs who are networking with each other, creating a support network to implement throughout and after the program, and also understanding and learning the fundamentals of how to best do this. As we do this, we also follow it up with an online program, and we also follow up with weekly calls to help people make sure they're able to implement the content of the program. there. So if you're looking to lock yourself in a room and make sure you get some stuff done, and you want to make something happen and get closer to a four day work week, go to 4dayworkshop. Com and you can learn more about the live event. Helped many entrepreneurs with this before. I look forward to helping you and seeing you at one of our workshops. As always, look forward to helping you make more money and less time.


Do what you do best. Thank you.

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