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Sept. 19, 2018

46. Guaranteed ROI Time Investments

All entrepreneurs want to invest in things that will give them a guaranteed return. In this episode, we cover the only 3 things that I know will give you back more than you put in: investing in yourself, in treasured relationships, and in life experiences. After all, you are your most valuable asset!

All entrepreneurs want to invest in things that will give them a guaranteed return. In this episode, we cover the only 3 things that I know will give you back more than you put in: investing in yourself, in treasured relationships, and in life experiences. After all, you are your most valuable asset!









If someone you loved who was younger than you came to you for advice and they asked you, what is the best way to get a guaranteed return on investment? What would you tell them? Would you tell them the stock market because it's been good over the long run? Would you say mutual funds because they're diversified? Would you say bonds or CDs? How would you respond to that? As I've worked with clients over the years in their businesses and looked at risks they take on team members or advertising or new projects or research and development, the only thing I found that is a guaranteed return on investment is investing in yourself, investing in your most treasured relationships, and investing in life experiences. Those three things seem to be just about guaranteed that you're going to get a positive return on investment. Hopefully, you know that your most valued asset is you. You're your most valuable asset. As you develop yourself, as you educate yourself. I personally have invested well over $100,000 in my personal development in addition to the tens of thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands that my parents have invested in me. This is something that's so important that we invest in ourselves.


That's one area where we get a guaranteed return on investment. The second area, again, when we invest in experiences in things that are important to us to broaden our horizons, travel, of volunteering, doing things that help others, doing new projects, doing things that scare us, trying something new, doing something different, expanding who we are, what we're about, traveling, getting to see a different side of the world, reading books that maybe we didn't consider, even something as simple as being open to reading a post on Facebook that's from a different point of view of yours. And rather than having that knee jerk reaction to just say, Oh, man, let me say why they're wrong. wrong, to open your horizon and see maybe that there's something more to that. Maybe there's a different perspective. And then finally, just investing in your time with your loved ones and just having time to appreciate them and enjoy them as a father who has two young children. Gosh, they grow up so quickly and everybody says it who's a parent and it's so hard to explain and yet it's so true. We talk about that and yet so often, at least as a male, I know sometimes I get caught up in, I need to provide for them and I need to get these things and make this money.


That is certainly important. And yet in all of that, if I miss out on being present with them, if I don't have time to shoot a basketball with them, or read a book with them, or read stories with them, or listen to what they have to say when they come home from school and just hear them and pause work and just sit there and be present and just take it all in. Those are the investments. The investments in ourselves and our loved ones and our life experience, those are the ones that almost always pay off. And yes, there are certainly some other investments financially that pay off and you want to save money and you want to invest in your long term future and your finances. Certainly not against that. That's an awesome thing. But if you have to choose, if you find yourself thinking about, do I want to spend more time with my kids or my loved ones or doing things that I enjoy most? Or do I want to make $5 to 10 extra dollars or $5 to 10 extra thousand dollars, money that maybe I don't need to get by. I can still do these other things.


I'm going to suggest you choose the people, the experiences. You choose yourself. Do that and you'll find your life is full of joy and happiness and excitement and wonder. And you won't be looking to buy things to provide that because you already have that. I hope you find this helpful. As always, look forward to helping you make more money and less time doing what you do best so you can really enjoy your friends, your family, and all the experiences life has to offer. As entrepreneurs, we sometimes need to be locked in a room to get something done. We have a workshop called 4 Day Work Week entrepreneur Academy, where in two days we help you put together your game plan to create a four day work week lifestyle. You'll be in the room with other entrepreneurs who are networking with each other, creating a support network to implement throughout and after the program, and also understanding and learning the fundamentals of how to best do this. As we do this, we also follow it up with an online program, and we also follow it up with weekly calls to help people make sure they're able to implement the content of the program.


If you're looking to lock yourself in a room and make sure you get some stuff done, and you want to make something happen and get closer to a four day work week, go to 4dayworkshop. Com and you can learn more about the live event. Helped many entrepreneurs with this before and look forward to helping you and seeing you at one of our workshops. As always, look forward to helping you make more money in less time. Do what you do best. Thank you.

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