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Aug. 1, 2018

41. The Power of Intentions vs. Goals

Today we’re talking about the difference between intentions and goals. While goals tell us where we want to end up, intentions are the ways we’re working to get there, or even somewhere better than we originally planned. Rather than trying to force your way to your goals by ignoring obstacles along the way, learn how to let your intentions guide you, taking difficulties in your stride.

Today we’re talking about the difference between intentions and goals. While goals tell us where we want to end up, intentions are the ways we’re working to get there, or even somewhere better than we originally planned. Rather than trying to force your way to your goals by ignoring obstacles along the way, learn how to let your intentions guide you, taking difficulties in your stride.









You ever had a goal that you wanted to happen so badly, and it wouldn't happen the way you wanted, no matter how hard you tried, and yet things turned out better than you anticipated? I want to talk to you about the difference between goals and intentions. There's a great song by Garth Brooks called Unanswered Pray, where he talks about his desire to marry his high school sweetheart. It doesn't turn out that way. Later in the song, he gets to meet her at a reunion and he says, Gosh, I thank God for unanswered prayers. The concept was that the universe, God, whatever you want to believe in fate, had better plans for him than what he originally thought. When it comes to goals and intentions, there's a fine line here. This is something I'm so grateful to have learned. A lot of these distinctions from mentors like Deepak Chopra and Shanti Gouain and Wayne Dyer, and this concept of saying, Look, we can have a goal, a desire of where we want to go, but let's ease off a little bit. They use the word of intention of saying, Look, I'm looking to go in this direction and I want to go in this direction and I'm willing to do the work.


I'm not just sitting on the couch saying affirmations, hoping something happens. I'm willing to get off my tail and do something. But things might not turn out exactly the way I was planning, but maybe it's something better. Maybe it's something that is more expansive, more abundant, more loving, more joyful, more sustainable. When you set your goals, I'm going to encourage you to start considering the concept of intentions, of intending to go a certain direction, but at the same time listening to the clues that are around you, listening to things that might be telling you something different. Now, there are certain areas where we might choose to have goals. If we want our children to walk, we might say, Wait, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure my kid walks if something goes wrong, or I'm going to make sure I do everything I can to do these certain things. But then there's other things where you say, Wait, I'm going to be open. Maybe things don't turn out the way I want. In Shanté Gouain's book, Creative Visualization, this is a book that was written, I think, 30 plus years ago, one of the first books, if not the first best selling book, about visualizing your future.


S he would always talk about ending your intention, your goal with an affirmation that she said, and it ended like this, this or something better is now coming to fruition or manifesting or whatever words you want to use. But she said this or something better. It was this concept of opening up that there might be something better out there. A lot of people talk about that they believe in God and they believe that things happen for a reason or they trust the universe. And yet when they get in work situations, they throw all that aside and they say, goals, goals, goals, goals, goals. I'm not looking to question people to say, well, that means you're a bad follower of God or Jesus or Buddha or whatever you might follow. I'm saying we sometimes forget that there's certain things that sometimes happen a certain way, at least most of us believe or find some sense of that. And so rather than struggling so hard, if things are not flowing for you to look at, what is it? What's that obstacle? And is it something that needs to be shifted? Or are you simply going in the wrong direction altogether?


I look at some of my worst business deals, a rental property I got into that I really shouldn't have. And the market was looking good and it was a hot market. So I probably had no business being in there anyway. And four of us were going in to buy this triplex and we had an initial deal it was going to be and then the price went up and one of the four of us dropped out. At that point, I was really thinking drop out. It's not flowing, it's not working. But then I thought, no, I want this. I'm going to make this happen. We even got into arguments with the seller and we fought. No. I could just see up there, I believe there's a God or some force that the God force was laughing, saying, Oh God, there's Wade fighting for his losses. He's about to lose his tail. I'm trying to show him away, and 75,000 hours later, Wade realizes, Gosh, you know what? Maybe I should have seen the signs. Maybe I should have had an intention to be more abundant and create more wealth for my family, but maybe I should have eased off that goal of owning that project and that triplex in that neighborhood would have saved me a lot of heartache.


So just throw that out to you. Consider where in your life does it serve you better to have goals and where does it serve you better to have intentions? And look to the past, look at those situations, the goals that didn't turn out the way you wanted and note how some of them might have turned out better than you thought. What were the clues? What led you to see that? And on the flip side, what are some of the goals that you just forced? You said, I'm going to make this happen, and it kicked your butt. And again, what can you learn from that? And how you can take that forward with you? I hope you find this helpful. As always, look forward to helping you evolve in your process to create more abundant situation in your life and to help you if you like, to make more money in less time, do what you do best so you can create more wealth and abundance and happier life for you, your friends, your family. Thank you.

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